Who said beauty should only be skin deep? Lux is about to prove otherwise. It’s no joke, our lives have turned upside down ever since this pandemic breakout. We’re all going out of our way to try and survive one day at a time, right?

But could you just stop for a minute here and consider what the doctors and nurses and pretty much all health-workers fighting Coronavirus at the front lines must be going through?

Luckily, we’re not the only ones who have their emotional and psychological welfare in mind. Lux Egypt does, too.

That’s why they’ve decided to pay homage, the Lux way, to our society and especially the heroes among us by launching Lux Superstars. A campaign that doesn’t only promote beauty, but also how it could be found in the toughest of times.

As a corporate, Lux believe they have a strong message to send. And this time, it’s a “thank you” message. A thank you message to those who are now in need of it the most; health workers who are risking their own lives for our sake. Such touching initiative stemmed from the company’s appreciation to all the Herculean efforts put forth by front liners, all over Egypt.

So in return, folks at Lux are putting them first. Joining hands with no other than their brand’s ambassador, Yasmine Sabry, to get them all the attention and recognition they truly deserve now more than ever.

To find every Egyptian health worker out there, leaving behind their family and working at high risk and to let them know they are seen and they are beautiful.

On that note, we would like to express our gratitude that such socially responsible initiatives like Lux’s exist. Until the difficult situation plays out, these gestures are what matter the most and will definitely be the most remembered.

Finally, a salute goes out to the real stars!