With the constant challenge of trying to find the perfect luxurious community to settle in Egypt, we’ve decided to create our own luxury checklist and see if any community happens to fulfill that list. One may think that a lot of places do, but that’s not true! We searched for the community that ticks all our boxes and fulfills all our criteria; and the winner was definitely in place. Capital Group Properties’ latest project Alburouj – Villa Park should be your next move without a doubt.

Take a look at the checklist that ensures the concept of ”Value for Money” and places Villa Park on top of the luxury living game!

1. Spacious houses and finished units like never before. – CHECK

With only villa units offered at this sub community, one can only imagine the luxurious and laid back nature of the area. Not only that, but it also offers the residents all the space they need to lead a comfy lifestyle. Villa Park offers spacious units ranging from 325-425 sqm, which is relatively larger than the average spaces offered on the market. The units are fully finished with high quality finishing specs to save you the hassle and time of moving in!

2. The largest green areas present in a living community. – CHECK

At Villa Park, the units will be overlooking 70 acres of green areas and water features, which is an unprecedented area of landscape. Not to mention, Villa Park will also be overlooking the Orchard Park, planted with fruit bearing trees, so that residents can pick their own produce and shop for organic food from the farm shop.

3. A community that roots for a healthier lifestyle – CHECK

Villa Park promotes a healthy and tranquil lifestyle through their master plan, with open space for exercise and relaxation activities like Yoga. The neighborhood also includes a wellness clinic, spa and 12 KM bike lanes and jogging tracks to promote fitness and health among all residents.

4. An entertaining community for children and young ones. – CHECK

Because it is not only about entertainment, but rather giving our children the best atmosphere to live in, where they learn to appreciate aside from having fun, Villa Park creates a petting zoo, an edutainment park, as well as a fun playground for the young ones to find something to engage in within their community!

5. The full package of facilities all inside one community! – CHECK

You probably have to leave your living area to dine in those popular restaurants with a view. Villa Park will offer multiple fine dining experiences with a scenic view inside the community, not to mention their boutique hotel that will have a health and wellness focus theme to align with the community standards and offer visitors a pleasant stay!

Now that you’re familiar with all our checklist points, the choice is only yours to make! If you’re looking for a distinctive community that redefines luxury, ‘Villa Park’ is by far our top achiever of a luxurious and fully integrated living community in the east of Cairo!