While many drivers out there are being careful and responsible behind the wheel, there are always those who aren’t. Add a teen to the equation, and the consequences are mostly fatal.

Two days ago, a female named Shaymaa and her friend were having a walk inside the residential compound Madinaty when a car with 5 teens, including the 16-year-old driver, came in high speed and they all collided. Sadly, Shaymaa lost her life and her other female friend was hospitalized.

Everyone knows that vehicular accidents are pretty much inevitable. But this is not just any accident that one could easily forgive or overlook on the account of fate. This case comes last in a long line of the reckless driving list.

Parents need to start realizing that putting your teen kids behind wheels and placing them on roads will most likely cause someone a serious injury or in worst cases, like Shaymaa’s, cost someone their life.

We all know there’s really no reason for a 16-year-old kid to be operating a heavy machine and flexing around with his friends. But still, these accidents keep happening, WHY?

Just a few weeks back, another 15-year-old in Assiut ran over 4 children driving his father’s car. Now, he and his father are both behind bars. And now, here we are again with Shaymaa…

So, when exactly will parents wake up to the fact that no matter the reason why you gave your teen, your kid, car keys, all good intentions will be forgotten when a tragic accident takes place.

No one is winning here. Whether your teen is responsible for the accident or if they’re the victim, someone will end up losing a loved one.

The teen involved in Shaymaa’s accident is now being officially charged, but will this be the end of it? We’re sure justice will be served, as it should. When your recklessness and lack of responsibility costs someone their life, one must pay a price.