We have probably all heard of the horrific dog attack which recently happened in Madinaty where the child Mohamed Ehab was viciously attacked, bitten and mutilated by two unleashed dogs roaming the streets of the neighborhood where he lives.

This incident was caught by one of the surveillance cameras in one of the buildings on the street where it happened.

This is the video Mohamed’s mom posted, obviously sharing a great deal of pain after the ordeal her son went through.

The footage shows that the boy was standing peacefully with some friends when the dogs started to chase him. His friends were able to escape and while Mohamed tried to escape and go up to his building, the dogs caught up with him and brought him down the stairs viciously biting at him.

Thankfully, two strangers came by and were able to stop the dogs from attacking the boy, one by shielding the boy, and the other by pulling the dogs away.

According to what the boy’s aunt said to Honna News, this is not the first time those two dogs have attacked people walking down the street, however, it never went this far.

What happened to the boy, and where is he now?

It has been reported that the boy is still in hospital, and is currently in bad shape, even after having been vaccinated and stitched. His body temperature is still extremely high and he is still under close medical observation.

Several pictures of the the boy’s vicious wounds have been circulating the internet, however, they were too graphic so we chose not to share them.

The boy’s mother is obviously still mortified for her son and has been vocal on her Facebook account and pages, and groups for Madinaty residents, demanding redemption for her injured son.

We have to say her demands are completely reasonable and should have been implemented in the first place!

People’s Reactions:

People have been extremely enraged after hearing of this incident and seeing the footage of the attack.

So many people are even asking for these dogs to be killed! And some are asking for dogs to be banned from walking the streets altogether.

However, some are being rational and throwing the blame at the owner since he\she is responsible for the dogs.

Are there any actions being taken?

Today, the official page of Madinaty residents on Facebook released a statement clarifying the official rules for walking dogs on the streets of the city and the consequences that dog owners will bear if they do not follow these rules.

The rules obviously already specify that dogs should NOT be walking around unleashed and unaccompanied in the streets.

There were some speculations that the dogs’ owner has been summoned to the police station due to this incident. Several residents have been demanding of the city’s officials to take these dogs away from their owner due to his carelessness.

What should’ve been done differently?

Like, anyone else, we were obviously horrified by this incident and mortified for this little kid. However, dogs are nothing but animals, they are the owner’s responsibility. If these dogs were leashed or supervised, this young boy wouldn’t have gotten mutilated!

We asked ourselves, what could’ve been done differently, we had so many questions we didn’t have the answers to, so we contacted dog breeder Sam Williams to ask him for his professional opinion on how to avoid situations like these; this is what he had to say:

1. What was the right thing for the dog owner to do?

“The dog owner should’ve obviously had him leashed and close to him. However, if a dog owner sees a dog attacking a person, they should use a demanding tone of voice and yell at the dog with whatever words they are trained on to stop what they are doing. But they should never pull the dog or touch it, this will only make the dog hold on more and be stubborn. So the owner should know how to give the dog orders without triggering it and making the situation harder.”

2. What is the right thing to do if someone is being attacked by a dog?

“If someone is put in that situation, they should not resist in any way, and should not look the dog in the eye. Go with the dog if it is biting you, and if it feels you surrendering, they will let go. However, if they feel you resisting, they will panic and attack you stronger.”

3. Are these dogs normal or are they sick in any way?

“These dogs are not sick. Dogs act the way you train them to. If you train a dog to be friendly, they will be friendly, if you train them to be aggressive, they will be aggressive. Also, dogs could behave this way as a reaction to an action someone does, so maybe these dogs are used to seeing kids tease them so without recognizing, they attack any child they see.”

4. What do you suggest should be done with these dogs now?

“A lot of people keep suggesting the dogs should be killed or shot saying they have rabies. This is absolutely incorrect. The problem here is a behavior problem which could be fixed if the dogs were admitted to a dog training center where they will be trained and their behavior will be modified. This is purely a training problem.”

5. If you are a bypasser and saw this situation, what is the right thing to do?

“Avoid hitting the dog or pulling him, this will make the dog get more aggressive. You can simply splash some water on the dog’s face, this will make it let go of the person he is attacking. If you have a lighter, you can try slightly burning the dog in its nose so it gets distracted and has to let go. Last thing, but it has to be done carefully is to pinch the dog in its back hip, however, you have to be careful because the dog could end up biting you.”

So looking back at it, the only person to blame here is evidently the dog owner. First for training these dogs who live in a friendly neighborhood to act this aggressively.

Secondly for letting the dogs roam the streets unattended and unleashed even though it is against the rules!

We hope nothing but the absolute best for Mohamed Ehab and his family and pray he recovers very soon and be able to put this all

behind him.


Update (25-2-2019): According to Shorouk News, The Department of the Public Prosecutor has confiscated the two dogs that attacked the boy from their residence in Madinaty. The dogs will stay under observation in a veterinary quarantine for 15 days. The owner of the dogs has also been summoned before the public prosecutor to give a statement regarding the incident.

Also, we have just been informed that ALL private dogs in Madinaty have been gathered off the streets and shipped off to several animal shelters. A behavior we must say makes no sense what so ever!