A few days ago, we received the happy news that Nadia Abdou has just become the first governor in Egypt’s history. Today, we gladly introduce the first Egyptian woman to fly the aircraft 777-300. 

Magda Malek, the first woman to fly the aircraft 777-300, has faced her fair share of culture barriers that many women face in our society today. Nevertheless, Magda stood tall in the face of stereotypes or expectations of women in our society and pursued her dream of becoming a pilot.

Magda has dreamed about flying and becoming a pilot ever since she was a little kid. However, her dreams were crushed when she asked her father upon graduating from high school to enroll at the institution of aviation in order to become a pilot just like him. Sadly, her father refused and insisted that she has to pursue higher education in a “traditional university”. Magda didn’t let that stop her from achieving her goal and earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration, only to join the institution of aviation afterwards and become the first Egyptian woman, in Egypt, to cross oceans and fly beyond the borders of the world’s countries with the aircraft 777-300.

Pilot Magda Malek has exceeded three thousand and 400 flying hours. She remains a prominent pilot reminding every Egyptian woman of her capabilities and potential of taking over leading roles not only in Egypt, but the whole Arab world.