By: Ziad Amin

Magdy Shatta adds some spice to the infamous feud between Boshra and Mohamed Ramadan as he takes the opportunity of the controversy and releases a new song called ‘No One Is Number 1‘.

What’s The History of This Feud?

In June 2018 Mohamed Ramadan released his hit song titled ‘Number One’ which gained over 80 million views. The lyrics were about flaunting his wealth and embracing his fame. This ignited some rage among the audience and Ramadan’s fanbase because it’s just….too much.

Later Boshra decided to be the one who responds to this controversial hit by releasing a sort of diss track called ‘Kobra‘. It had references to Ramadan’s inflated ego, but little did she know what she was getting into. Boshra received backlash from Ramadan’s fanbase and artists like Amir Eid and a lot of online shaming making her lose many fans. Her song was even more controversial than Ramadan’s hit song, but….in a worse way ?

What Does Magdy Shatta Have to Do with This?

Lately the infamous singer and one of 2018’s most hilarious memes, Magdy Shatta, decided to release a song shading both Ramadan and Boshra called ‘No One Is Number 1’

Will That Make Him More Famous?

Shatta exploited the opportunity and decided to take the spot and add some spice to the infamous beef or let us say be the winner of this situation. His video trended on YouTube in a very short time.

The Question Is, When Will This Stop?

The feud goes on and on as apparently nowadays throwing shade became such a huge trend whether you’re part of this feud or not. Anyone can record a diss track and get some controversy but since it’s already 2019, shouldn’t we stop tolerating negativity and start supporting each other?

Who’s ‘Number One’ or who’s the ‘Kobra’ and who’s the underdog of this situation; many questions surrounding this controversy but the most important one remains, are these truly the artists who represent our culture? It’s getting pathetic and somewhat awkward.

Please stop, immediately.