Sabry: “The Ministry of Interior takes the step in transforming the society into a digital one and making its citizen’s life easier.. All the services of the ministry are available through its website and payments through “Fawry”, as well as delivery services.”

“The service of licenses delivery through “Fawry” network proceeds to 15 new governorates.”

February 2019

Within the framework of the state policy of the digital society transformation and reducing cash to make citizen’s life easier, The Ministry of Interior took the lead and announced that all its services are available on the Ministry’s website, enabling the citizen to request the service and pay for it through “Fawry” network plus enjoying the delivery services available. The offered services include traffic services, civil status, criminal evidences and work permits.

The Ministry of Interior has signed an agreement with “Fawry” Dahab Company, which allows the payments of all electronic portal services through “Fawry” network and the electronic mobile wallets.

The service was launched on January 25 of this year, allowing citizens to request civil status services such as replacement of lost National IDs, birth certificates, vehicle licenses, criminal evidence services, work permits and payments; all through “Fawry”.