Baby Sitting

There will always be parents who are dying to get out of the house and have some time away from the kids. So why don’t you have an online ad, or just tell a bunch of friends that you are willing to babysit, and make a few extra pounds while watching over some kids for a couple of hours?

If you’re a good cook, spend your extra time after work baking and cooking. You definitely know some single men who live alone that crave a good meal after a long day at work, or a new couple who are having their friends over and want some quick appetizers. Just make sure you know a fast delivery man who will be there when you need him.


Pet Hotel

If you’re an animal person and you have an extra room, you can turn it into a small pet motel. It can include everything from pet sitting while owners are on vacation to doggy day care, pet grooming, dog walking and other pet-related services.



In a world of mass-produced junk, shoppers feel good about buying handmade, one-of-a-kind items.If you’ve got a flair for creativity or an eye for design, get some ideas online, and create some homemade accessories, jewellery, or even some funky frames or ash trays. Crate a page on facebook or a blog where you can sell your stuff!


Personal Trainer

If you’ve been working out for years that you have built some good experience and knowledge to be able to train someone else, invest some money in an extra room at home, and buy some fitness equipment. You can give classes to your neighbours or people around you who are too lazy or can’t afford to go to a gym.



To have a successful tutoring service, you’ll need excellent credentials, competitive pricing, relevant experience, and glowing references. If you have no experience and teaching, you can still teach little kids who are still learning their ABCs and their parents do not have the time to follow up with them at home.