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Buying makeup, especially when you’re starting to make a decent collection for yourself, can seriously break the bank! Makeup junkies such as myself can’t get enough of buying lipsticks, highlighters and foundations, but would still like to have some cash to survive. Luckily, many makeup brands are pretty damn good quality and have an affordable price range. The only downside here is that all of these brands are online, so to get your hands on these makeup goodies, you’d have to order through Edfa3ly or Lynks – but trust me, it’s worth it!

BH Cosmetics

From makeup brush sets, to eye-shadow palettes and liquid lipsticks, BH Cosmetics has amazing products with an extremely affordable price range. Their ‘sculpt and blend’ brush set, for example, is legit the best thing in the world. The brushes are soft to the touch; they don’t shed and look cute too – for just $20! They also have different collections of 120 colour eye-shadow palettes that have great pigmentation and would literally be all the eye-shadow you’ll ever need. More awesome news, they always have promotions and discounts.

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I can’t talk about affordable makeup brands without mentioning E.L.F Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face). Their products are as cheap as $2 and some of their pricier products are $12, although their quality is on par with some high end brands. Many high-end dupes can be found within their lines. Their prism eye-shadow palette (with shades close to the Naked palettes) and matte lipsticks are to die for.


Coastal Scents

Very similar to BH cosmetics when it comes to their eye shadow palettes, coastal scents has a variety of palettes (including concealer palettes and foundation palettes too). Their “Revealed” eye shadow palettes of 20 shades are said to be dupes of the Naked palettes. They have supreme collections where you can get the Revealed 2, a concealer palette, a mini brush set (5 brushes), and 5 eyeliners for just $30.



Okay, this is actually gonna knock your socks off. This isn’t a brand, but a website with products from different brands all over. This isn’t even the best part, everything on this site is, WAIT FOR IT, only $1. Literally, everything on there is a dollar, which may be a little worrisome in the beginning, but having ordered around $70 worth of products from there (yes, slightly shopaholic) and watched a tonne of reviews, most of their products are pretty damn good. I’d stay away from the foundations and concealers, and stick to the eye and lip products if I were to order again though. If you’re just getting into false lashes, this is the place for you because their falsies are amazing quality. There are so many different types, and must I remind you that it’s only ONE DOLLA!


Colour Pop

Your lipstick game will always and forever be strong with Colour Pop’s lip products. Their lippies are for $5 and come in all different shades and finishes, so do their matte liquid lipsticks for $6. They also have single eye-shadows, highlighters and bronzers for the same price point.




Another brand with on-point products is Morphe. They have amazing brushes (mostly single brushes though) that are a little pricier than the other brands, and lots of big eye-shadow palette. Their instagram account (@morphebrushes) makes you wanna cry from all the beauty, so check them out.

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Okay, we can’t forget how important brows are and everybody wants to have brows on fleek. NYX has all sorts of makeup products. Their lip creams and liquid lipsticks are hailed by the makeup community, but their brow products are just as impressive. Their Tame and Frame Brow Promade and their Tinted Brow Mascara (for $7 each) will make your brows look absolutely perfect.


You’re welcome.