photo 2Makeup was created to enhance our best features and conceal any imperfections; but some women could lose track and do the exact opposite. 


So here’s what you should avoid:

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  • Don’t buy a foundation that’s lighter or darker than your complexion. It should match your skin tone perfectly.
  • Choose carefully the formula of your base- liquid, stick or powder. Liquid is the easiest in blending and you could control the amount and number of coats, and it’ll spare you the cakey face.
  • Always consider the level of coverage- light to medium or medium to full coverage. Also, consider the finishing you need- dewy or matte. It’s all according to your skin type; whether it’s dry, oily, or both.
  • If you have any redness or rosacea in your skin, don’t ever use a foundation with pink undertone. Go for yellow undertones.

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  • Always go for foundation shopping in the morning since daylight is totally unforgiving. It will help you choose the right tone.
  • Match the shades to your neck, because some people’s faces are lighter than their neck. Remember that you need to unify our skin colour.
  • Don’t rush in your purchases if you’re going for a high end brand. Use different shades on your neck, and continue with your day. See how it’s gonna set, check the shade in different lighting then pick a shade to purchase.
  • Never buy a foundation online unless it’s a repurchase of something you tried before.
  • If you’re using a liquid foundation, start with minimum amount, then keep adding until you reach the level of coverage you want. You could either blend it well with your ring finger or a buffing/stippling brush.
  • Always remember that concealers are made to mask out blemishes, so don’t apply coats of foundation trying to conceal it.
  • Also don’t forget that all the brands in the industry are doing their best to come up with the best foundation formula that does everything- a big selection of colour range, good coverage, and most importantly, a light formula to make it feel and look natural.