Ramadan Enjoyable

It doesn’t take a genius to tell, but this year’s Ramadan will be the strangest Ramadan yet. There will be no in-mosque prayers, there will be no festive events, but there will be a lot of home-staying because, well, we’re still in this pandemic together.

And because we’re in this pandemic together, we just have to tell you this — even with all that’s going on, you can still make Ramadan enjoyable. Just read this.

Family Zoom iftar

One of the things many people look forward to in Ramadan is having that one big family iftar, right? Well, it’s either that or you just miss a certain aunt’s cooking but either way, you don’t have to deprive yourself of these family nights.

Now, obviously, we’re not suggesting you go for a big visit and indirectly help the Coronavirus spread. What we’re suggesting is you get the entire family on Zoom and try to have one big online meeting iftar gathering. Just imagine the laughter when that one relative switches a filter on and can’t turn it back.

Online game night with the gang

Okay, so we all miss our friends and currently, some of us might be mourning the glorious what-if scenarios of a non-pandemic Ramadan with a limitless curfew but we can’t have everything, can we?

Well, of course, we can have some things, you know. Hangouts with friends aren’t over yet, but they did move online. And because we all deserve some fun times right about now, why can’t we start regular game nights too?

Make your own Ramadan tent

Whether you were planning on going to one of the fancy tents this year or not, you may not want to mourn the lack of any festivity hot-spots this year.

the Italians certainly thought it was easy!

See, you can make your own Ramadan tent now! All you need is a balcony or a rooftop and a ton of season-themed decorations, snacks, and one film projector so you can keep up with all the mosalsalat. Full-transformation, done!

Actually use your cultivated inner chef

Ramadan is a month-long affair and we all know everyone’s favorite meal will run out of new options soon, these are facts we have memorized like the backs of our hands now.

But, since we’ve all grown a little too accustomed to the kitchen and embraced our inner chefs, maybe our iftars can change now. Why don’t we try adding some of the fun dishes and the 1000 cakes we’ve all learned to make? It will certainly make the meals more anticipated!

Recreate 80’s fawazeer nights

This Ramadan is already feeling sort of retro, so we might as well go all the way, right? And what’s a better way to spell retro Ramadan than our favorite fawazeer?

Now, whether you want to recreate these fawazeer nights through simply watching or actually going all out and trying to follow the dance moves, it’s entirely up to you.

Well, home is where all the magic happens, isn’t it?