Last night, a video went viral about a man who got attacked in Gamaat el Dewal for looking “feminine.”


The video was posted with this caption on it:

Forget gay rights; and let’s discuss basic human rights which clearly don’t even exist in this video. This rather feminine looking man was walking the streets of Cairo yesterday in ‘Gamaat El Dowal’, when instantly he was attacked; both verbally & physically for this appearance by a group of homophobic, young men. Unable to defend himself, he was hit multiple times as the crowed laughed & jeered at him. Following an attempt to escape, a taxi wouldn’t even stop for him & drove on. Onlookers would also ignore his helplessness, as merely due to him being gay had apparently diminished completely his rights as a human.

This is not a post about the defense of gay rights as much as it is the defense of basic, human empathy & rights. If those who attacked a dog were punished & imprisoned; what is it that allows the abuse of a human to be accepted in our society?


The video was shot and posted by a man called Ahmad Sanad who was present during the incident. Some people, commented, asking why he didn’t interfere and help the man out and his reply was:

Yes I did. And sorry to say this but there was more than 30+ people with me wearing my ripped jeans so I was gonna be next they wouldn’t mind it even if they know I’m straight and I did what I could which is making this go viral for people to see it, share it and talk about it and for him to get his rights plus two people who we asked to take him away did take him away with their bike and they said they would take him somewhere safe but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t safe at all.

The only thing that could be said about this video is that it’s highly disturbing!!!

The fact that human beings think they could play God and punish people for what they think is acceptable or not is extremely ridiculous!

Even though it’s morally wrong to exploit the man in the video with sharing it, it’s worth the share because if it goes viral enough, authorities might take action and it could save other’s lives!

Whether you agree with what this man is dressed like or not, even though it’s none of anyone’s business, its your duty to make it go viral. If the attackers get away with it, others will do the same! This time it won’t be just to “feminine” men or “gay men”, it’ll be towards anyone they don’t approve of – including women, children, and anyone they don’t like!

Link to the video:

  • This is highly disgusting and unacceptable.
    How come we got to this level of disrespecting each one of us’s space.
    I’m very angry and disappointed.

    • mahmoud yossif

      ur very angry for gay rights in a country doesn’t respect any basic of human rights ?? but also any unnatural apparel won’t be welcome from my point of view

      • Raghda A. El Sayed

        This is basic human rights, not gay rights. If we’re talking gay rights, this would’ve been an article about gay marriage or something.

  • Toaa Gamal

    It’s not about him being gay or straight but we are a country of tradition and ethics. It’s about him looking provocative. I’m not saying that the people who hit him did it out of ethics but he should not be wearing this at the streets. God will judge him about his orientation but society can and will judge him about dressing provocative . It’s not like he’s born with something and he’s being abused for it. It’s his choice. He should know better and not wear that in “gam’et eldwal” for any reason. Talk human rights if they attacked him at home because they know he’s dressed like that. He should know which country he’ living in. Or was he calling out for gay rights? La msh Ana ya 7bebe.
    People should not be and

    • Toaa Gamal

      Should not be provocative then we should punish other people for the abusing and we all win.

    • Toaa Gamal

      Provocative and then other people should be punished for the abusing.

      • Tweested Egyptian

        If that’s the case, then I should attack you, rip your clothes off and beat you up because your attire and stupid opinion provoked me.

      • Gamolly

        The same excuses people give when they harass and rape women in our streets. “Why was she there in the first place?”, “She must have provoked them with her clothes?”, etc.. And, if that was the truth then veiled women and women wearing niqab wouldn’t have faced sexual harassment (and they do just like over 90% of the female population in Egypt). When people are given permission to punish and physically abuse others out of subjective perspectives and judgement, it will be the chaos that we witness in Egypt.

    • Nabila Ismail

      With all due respect, people like you are what make this world become a terrible place. Traditions and ethics are man-made, yet compassion and tolerance are natural traits that any natural human being should feel. Who are we to judge which sexual preference does another person should have? Who are we to judge what kind of clothes should be appropriate or not? No one should ever punish another fellow human being for their lifestyle because WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY? I feel alarmed that deranged people who judge others based on their clothes, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation,..etc such as these attackers are populating the streets. This is atrocious and beyond heinous, I just can’t believe that there are people in this world who love playing God!

    • Amr Moustapha

      ur hijab is offensive to many people in france , should that give them the right to attack u the same way as these men did ??

      “I dont like the way u dress ….. you “provoked me” into rapping u. its either u wear the khemar or stay at home so me and men like me dont rape u …… does this sound logical ??? …… this is the same concept with you being the victim .

      people shouldnt judge or be judged based on there faith , sex , sexual orientation , color or race , live and let others live

      he is gay , he didnt come to u and tell u sleep with me or i will hit u this is wrong in every angle u look at it from a fellow human being

      and about being gay is a choice ….. sweetie its not …. scientific research proved that there is a genes that dectates which ever sex u prefer and what u wanna be …… there are many gays and lesbians in this world ….. many whom changed the world like Alexander the great . god is the one to judge ….. not u …… not me …….. not a bunch of uneducated savages in the road ….. just god …….. so dont judge as if you are god

      • pipoo ahmed

        tootally agree with you

    • Omar Khaled

      God will judge him ! , so you’re god ?! Oh finally I met you , please feed the poor and don’t forget world peace .

    • Adam Canis Lupaster Pallipes

      Ethics? Ethics? Egypt is a country of Ethics?!!!! Are you bipolar? All the lies, oppression, DOmestic Violence and abuse, Stealing, Cheating, sexual harassment and Rife Domestic abuse etc etc etc and you say a County of Ethics? My dear our country is a country of anything but Ethics! We’ve become a nation that accepts and endorses abuse and wickedness… always standing with the oppressor against the oppressed. His choice?! You’re as ignorant as a Dodo. Completely void of Empathy, compassion and tolerance.

    • Shehap Mohmed

      Then who wear niqab should beat who only weared hijab because they r commitment enough.. I’m thinking to do that right now : )

    • Sherif Said

      How about you adopt some tolerance and acceptance to others? Put yourself in this man’s shoes and maybe you will see it differently.

  • Maged

    No need for pointless fear mongering saying that “they” will do it to anyone they don’t approve of unless we take action. I agree people need to stand up to this thuggery but lets not get carried away. This isn’t a cult or some organized mob hellbent on violently opposing homosexuality…just some people on the street who’ve been culturally induced to do what they did out of ignorance

    • Adam Canis Lupaster Pallipes

      SOme people on the streets? Yes because we Egyptians are a very loving, warm, kind and compassionate society!!!!! We’re a MOB that are always hell bent on violence, either toward Sexual minorities, Religious minorities or just for the heck of it. Apparently you don’t live in Egypt and see the constant, violent, fights between young men on the streets every night… the word ‘Haram’ is lost on our society… violence, hate and vulgarity are our Motto.what about the constant/daily sexual harassment of women on the streets? is that also just ‘some’ people?

  • Adam Canis Lupaster Pallipes

    this shows just how Insecure Egyptian men are about themselves… Infact not just Egyptian men All Arab men! Even so called ‘Free Lebanon’ has “Men” like here… again we belong to a society that has embraced abuse and oppression. We only remember “god’ ‘Allah’ when it suits us… (I am tired of repeating my self over and over) We lie, cheat, steal, oppress, abuse, Gossip, trump up charges to harm others, sexually harass/rape women and children etc and it’s all allowed and accepted… you have Religious Clergy men that fear their regimes more than they fear the God they represent, targeting and massacaring religious minorities like always happens with the Coptic community… What do you expect from a society where Domestic Abuse is Rife? if men like the ‘thugs’ and onlookers in the video – our society – don’t care when they are beating their wives and children to pulps, you think they will care about a man or a minority they consider Haram’?!!! I’m surprised they didn’t kill him! Just shows how much of cowards they are… Increasing their machismo by attacking a lone person. Just like Male Chimpanzees! Maybe Scientists should check our Y Chromosomes for the missing link, because in my opinion, most Egyptian men are direct descendants of the missing Link!

  • Noura El Qorashy

    I have noticed that all talks and replies are about that man being gay and his gay rights as a human being not his human rights as a human being .The thing is WE DON’T KNOW if he is a gay or not soma people look like this so what is all that fuss about (Attacking a gay in Game’t El Dewal) .It’s clear that we shouldn’t physically abuse anyone according to what he or she looks like ,thinks or wears that’s okay and he shouldn’t have been beaten in the streets that is also okay but talking about gay rights in an Islamic country that’s not okay . That’s right we have rapists ,thieves,domestic violence and so is the whole world that’s awful and bad but that also doesn’t mean that being a gay or defending some one who is gay is a right thing to do as we have so many bad social habits . Some people who look feminine have medical comditions (disturbance in genes) but these people are not considered gays even in our religion. Agay or a Lesbian is a person who choose his sexual preference by himself or her self and so God will judge and punish them according to what is said in the bible and quran .Being homosexual is against all religions christian,islamic,hindu,all religions.Also physical abusement is against all religions .According to Islam a person who beats,kills or behave badly to others will be punished severly ,also the person who approves the idea of homosexuality will be like Lot’s wife .So in my opinion dont’t judge or physically abuse anyone but also don’t approve anything against your religion.

  • Shehap Mohmed

    Is it a Jungle?.. where the powerful enforce his laws??.. The rapers nd harassers got justified but that poor guy not??

    Those people should be exterminated…

  • mostl

    truly if u don’t like it then fuck you
    its going to stay this way whether u like it or not
    gays rights !!! a7a