Last night, a video went viral about a man who got attacked in Gamaat el Dewal for looking “feminine.”


The video was posted with this caption on it:

Forget gay rights; and let’s discuss basic human rights which clearly don’t even exist in this video. This rather feminine looking man was walking the streets of Cairo yesterday in ‘Gamaat El Dowal’, when instantly he was attacked; both verbally & physically for this appearance by a group of homophobic, young men. Unable to defend himself, he was hit multiple times as the crowed laughed & jeered at him. Following an attempt to escape, a taxi wouldn’t even stop for him & drove on. Onlookers would also ignore his helplessness, as merely due to him being gay had apparently diminished completely his rights as a human.

This is not a post about the defense of gay rights as much as it is the defense of basic, human empathy & rights. If those who attacked a dog were punished & imprisoned; what is it that allows the abuse of a human to be accepted in our society?


The video was shot and posted by a man called Ahmad Sanad who was present during the incident. Some people, commented, asking why he didn’t interfere and help the man out and his reply was:

Yes I did. And sorry to say this but there was more than 30+ people with me wearing my ripped jeans so I was gonna be next they wouldn’t mind it even if they know I’m straight and I did what I could which is making this go viral for people to see it, share it and talk about it and for him to get his rights plus two people who we asked to take him away did take him away with their bike and they said they would take him somewhere safe but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t safe at all.

The only thing that could be said about this video is that it’s highly disturbing!!!

The fact that human beings think they could play God and punish people for what they think is acceptable or not is extremely ridiculous!

Even though it’s morally wrong to exploit the man in the video with sharing it, it’s worth the share because if it goes viral enough, authorities might take action and it could save other’s lives!

Whether you agree with what this man is dressed like or not, even though it’s none of anyone’s business, its your duty to make it go viral. If the attackers get away with it, others will do the same! This time it won’t be just to “feminine” men or “gay men”, it’ll be towards anyone they don’t approve of – including women, children, and anyone they don’t like!

Link to the video: