We love Alexandria! “Aklet samak 7elwa”, having a walk by the cornish, “Saber”, childhood memories in “Ma3moura and Montaza “, This is the beautiful Alexandria that we all know. But guess what…it’s not only that!


During your next visit to Alexandria check out the ‘other’ places you never did before. You owe it to yourself to know the wonders of your country.

Alex is the city of wonders!

Pompay Pillar: it is the largest and most ancient Greek pillar that is built outside the imperial capitals of Rome! The tallest ancient monument in Alex!

pillar 2


Kom El Shoqafa: this neighborhood has a historical archaeological site, named the Catacombs, it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages!

It merges the Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultural points together!



Roman Theater:  this well-preserved theatre with galleries, sections of mosaic-flooring, and marble seats for up to 800 spectators.

Do you know that there is a circular spot at the middle of the theater if you stand on it and talked you will hear your own voice out loud, as if you are talking in the microphone!!!!

roman theatre

National Museum of Alexandria: contains about 1,800 artifacts! From the Greek civilization, the Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Muslim civilizations.


Greek Club: Located next to “Qaitbay citadel in Bahari, is one of the best places to eat fish in Alexandria.


Alexandria Opera house:”Sayed Darwish Opera house” is the perfect reflection of the French architecture in Egypt!


El Morsy Abu El Abbas Mosque: located next to Qatbay citadel, built in the 13th century portrays the fine Islamic architecture.



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