Flirting couple in the park texting on smartphones
Sometimes people don’t know where they stand, other times people know exactly that it’s pure flirting but they don’t know how to react. Especially if they didn’t know each other before. “At2al or flirt back?” Well that’s my friend is what we call: mar7alet el este3bat!

You both know you like each other bs btesta3bato 3la ba3d. None of you ever said anything clearly about catching feelings, however, you talk like you are already together. “Tamenini lma tewsali”.. “Matso2sh bsor3a”.. And of course you know the rest, I don’t need to mention it. You basically try to stretch this stage as much as possible. And you have every right to!

You talk as if there’s something going on between both of you, but you like that there isn’t any commitment because at the end of it all you never really said anything. If you treated any other person the same way, the other wouldn’t have the right to get jealous for instance. This stage involves the most dala3 as well. Both of you like to show your cute side and you tend to understand each other’s drawback points: “He’s not over jealous, he is just protective,”.. Ya cuuutee! “She doesn’t have a flirty attitude, she’s just too nice,”.. 7abibi!!

Here’s the thing; stop este3bat both of you and get it done with, there’s a lot of drama and spice coming your way. Please don’t expect that all what’s been going on during that stage of este3bat will continue for the rest of the relationship! That’s the ugly truth!