Written by: Ingi Diab


Marry someone your heart could fully accommodate and could constantly forgive. Marry someone whose name you would engrave not on a wedding ring or a tattoo, but in your very heart.

Marry someone who:

-Adds life to your life

-Has the same value system as yours

-Believes in cooperation over coercion

-You could not get enough of

-You trust

-When you look at you forget your problems and worries

-Bends over backwards to see you delighted

-Makes you satisfied

-Makes life tolerable and joyful

-Never fails to draw a smile on your face

-Advises you

-Respects you

-Encourages you

-Believes in you

-Helps you

-Is honest with you

-Is vibrant and enriching

-Is a giver

-Is not anti-life

-Is willing to sacrifice and compromise for the collective good

-In whom you could blend

-With whom you could conquer the world

-With whom you could have constructive discussions

-With whom you could share your activities and interests

-With whom you could re-build what life or time will destroy

-Whom you miss even when you are with

-Could be your best friend

-Could be your mirror

-Has your back

-Lifts you up

-You are physically affectionate with

-Understands your silence

-Completes your sentences

-You would choose everyday

-Will be there in the darkest of times

-Will visit you in your dreams not nightmares

-Won’t trade you for anything in this world

-Doesn’t dim your light

-Doesn’t deny you your rights

-Doesn’t drain your energy

-Doesn’t distress you

-Doesn’t manipulate you

-Doesn’t mislead you

-Doesn’t use you as his punching bag

-Doesn’t merely run into you when he is facing hardships

-Doesn’t use you to diffuse his negative energy

-Doesn’t hurt you intentionally

-Doesn’t play the blame game

-Doesn’t play the victim

-Doesn’t make an ordeal

-Doesn’t let you down

-Doesn’t make you suffer


Always remember that the wrong person will bring you pain and sorrow more than serenity; that life is too short to stick to a dysfunctional relationship, to concede on your contentment, or to live it regretfully or resentfully.

Forever and always remember that the greatest accomplishment is not in being married, rather, in being married to the right person and in the right timing!

  • Mohamed Ayman

    Thanks for the Article.

    I believe the problem neither have the/some traits nor not, it’s who know about it in the first place?. Who would look you in the eye instead of checking you’re presentable to their desires or not, nowadays people love identity ruined by the media, thus it’s hard to find who looking for the above pointers in person before there 30’s (not always thought) or before a regretting of bad experience.

    The aim should be how to teach people to alter their love thought on the right path, therefore determine the right person at the first opportunity.