1. You’ll always chase a balloon around or even pop it just for the fun of it.


2. You’ll hold that water gun and get even.


3. You’ll sing along to any of your childhood songs. No matter when, where, or who’s around.


4. You’ll curl up like a child in front of your favourite cartoon. Or any cartoon at all.


5. You’ll wrestle that kid for the candy in their hands.


6. You’ll scream in front of a fan and be the robot you are.

woman shouting and struggling against strong air blow

7. You’ll get indescribably messy eating your favourite meal.

Ribs Eating Contest

8. And you’ll fight your sibling for that last slice of pizza.

The cheerful company of youth eating a pizza

9. You’ll always feel nostalgic looking at photos of your younger self.


10. April’s fool still matters to you.


  • Maram Ayman

    Ahhhh! 😀