By: Habiba Amr 

According to research conducted by Mechaliky in Cairo in 2018, it has been revealed that most Egyptian women are totally alienated from their cars beyond driving them.

Mechaliky is an idea that was initiated and developed by Integrated Marketing Communication graduating seniors at Misr International University with the aim of providing a solution to the evident problem of unawareness of the basics of mechanics. This problem, which mostly faces women, puts them in danger and takes away from their chances at handling their car problems and mishaps. In a culture where awareness of basic mechanical knowledge is considered manly and constantly framed as masculine, women have little to no chance to be exposed to any car related hacks and insights which puts them in a very tricky situation shall the cars they drive face any halt.

Mechaliky is a car application that educates women about basic car mechanics, provides them with basic tips to be able to track maintenance timings and dates, connects them with a network of trusted mechanics and allows them to access tailored information according to their car model and year of production; even going the extra step of guiding them on spare parts providers.

Mechaliky both covers local professionals as well as company outlets & automotive dealerships, providing its audience with a wide price range and thus providing a solution to various socioeconomic classes.

At this phase, Mechaliky is raising awareness regarding different aspects related to cars; generally building knowledge about the basic information needed so users would eventually qualify to handle more complex tasks like changing tires, checking on the radiator and motor functions, etc.

Spotting a lot of potential and a huge market for the project, Mechaliky is planning on seeking investment to be able to launch the application at its full potential, including all the features planned in its demo phase. The group behind it have already reached out to TOTAL, the famous gas company, for sponsorship and are currently working on establishing a partnership with the company in which Mechaliky will be able to expand the customer base by TOTAL to women.

Stay tuned, follow the awareness campaign on Facebook & Instagram @Mechaliky and get a hang of your car!