Nothing challenges oneself more than change. Living and working independently abroad can be a scary experience, hence those who manage to navigate their way through unfamiliar waters and manage to find their haven, are worthy of admiration. Learn the stories of accomplished Egyptian entrepreneurs abroad.

Ahmed Mansour: Cape 66°

Setting up a business can be an exciting venture that comes with many challenges. Cape 66° was created just for that – to build a community that can help independent business owners support each other.

For the past decade Ahmed Mansour has been an explorer in his own realm. He travelled between London, Cairo and Dubai, studied marketing, did research in entrepreneurship and worked for different advertising agencies until he set up his own advertising company in London in 2010. But something still felt incomplete.

His journey working and studying in different countries was an eye opener to the challenges of building a business especially in an unfamiliar place – where you have no social capital to fall back on for guidance and advice. However, he realized that where social capital lacked, it can be built; and in a world of advanced technology it can even be built across boundaries. Hence in 2015 Ahmed created Cape 66°, a platform for independent business owners from different parts of the world to support each other in the face of challenges.

What’s special about Cape 66°?

Our community is built on the principle of paying it forward.We all know that a budding business is full of challenges and setbacks are just a natural part of the process, hence having support along the way makes a tremendous difference. We enjoy helping fellow entrepreneurs on their journeys and value building relationships on goodwill.

Cape 66° has no ads and no clutter, the only way a member can promote their business is simply by helping a fellow member. We interview our members and monitor their activity to ensure that they are there to give as much as find support for themselves. While business for decades has been measured by material value and competition, we believe you can give to grow.

Today the Cape 66° community is growing more than ever, providing a bigger support network with its members spreading across 27 countries. It aims to spread values as it continues to grow in numbers. There is much potential for many out there and Cape 66 wants to help harness it. Visit their website and learn more.


Karim Gorgy: Vanquish London

What’s the Story behind Vanquish Real Estate Investment and Management?

Karim who lived in London for the past 10 years has always been fascinated by its dynamic and growing real estate market. He learnt about the property market and initially helped family and friends with their property choices, finding great satisfaction in the success he helped bring to them. He also saw the difference a good investment can make to someone’s life.

For Karim, London real estate market always has great potential for growth, and hence he wanted to extend the investment opportunities to everyone he knows, walk them through the process and witness their success – which he did with hundreds of clients.

In 2013, Karim founded Vanquish Real Estate, which managed in a relatively short time to establish a name all over the Middle East as a trustworthy advice and support real estate company in London, sought after by investors who seek to grow their money.

So how does Vanquish help clients grow their money?

London’s real estate market is an ever booming one, and despite all the changes the UK may be going through, supply in property remains below the demand level; this means capital value will inevitably grow. That’s exactly why we are here; to help people who reside outside the UK make the best out of the opportunities the UK property market can offer. We help non-residents find the investment that perfectly suits them, then we facilitate the process for them A to Z – advise on getting a mortgage and even letting their properties once completed.

The key to our success is that we are dealing with a guaranteed product – that is London’s property market- the property developers we collaborate with (Vanquish Real Estate collaborates with the biggest UK property developers like Berkley and achieved a track record in sales),and finally the extensive support services we offer. Vanquish Real Estate leads every single client through the entire process of buying a property for investment and takes great pride in witnessing their success.

Today Vanquish Real Estate brings its extensive knowledge and well-founded vision to lead their clients through property investment in London, help them put their money where it yields a decent return and grow. Learn more about Vanquish Real Estate Investment and Management at their next Cairo open event from October 11-13th at Marriot el