Fashion Designer: Bardees

Photography: Amr el Gohary

Art Direction and Styling: Omar Fadda

Makeup Artist: Mai Ayman

Hair Styling: Khairy

Model: Christina Kazan

Photoshoot Assistant: Angie Serag


Born to a family that appreciates and collects art, Bardees Gamal Eldin’s early years were punctuated with antiques. For as long as she can remember she has mastered the language of authentic art; being able to grasp their origins with one glimpse. Meanwhile, she has grown up to cultivate a sophisticated taste. Accordingly, details and cultural expression have always been embedded in her personality. With museums being her favoured spaces, she knows the world’s most celebrated pieces of art like the back of her own hand.

With a degree in marketing, Bardees joined her father’s tourism business fresh out of university. Nonetheless, it was not long until her work in operations was interrupted by the 25th of Jan revolution. After a long-enough period, she decided to follow an old passion and learn a new skill. Accordingly, she took her first fashion course to turn her raw talent into design techniques and pattern-making skills.

“I have always had a thing for fashion – I love clothes.” Bardees added passionately “at the beginning, I only wanted to study design then I realized that I cannot envision clothes without an understanding of pattern making. I cannot sketch things that are unattainable.”

Her first collection came to light in 2015, when she decided to start her own atelier in Zamalek with one sewing machine, a seamstress and unconventional designs. Once the first order was confirmed, the designer instantly started to grow her team and address regional markets.


With art being her main source of inspiration, she is also quite keen to remain in touch with the market’s preferences. While aiming to follow her imagination, she never plans to turn her back to what her clients actually want. According to Bardees, the beachwear collection and Ramadan Abayas were added as an answer to multiple requests from her regular customers.

As someone who appreciates fashion and collects art, each piece has to live to her personal standards. The designer is never satisfied with pieces that she would not add to her own wardrobe. Bardees hopes to address the world with her fresh eye and extraordinary take on fashion. Meanwhile, she hopes to represent local fashion around the globe through artistic design, exceptional quality and attention to details.