Egyptian Female

We all know that 2018 was the year the Egyptian National Football Team qualified for the World Cup. However, that was not the only sports-related Egyptian achievement this year. In fact, it wasn’t even the most important one.

This year, Egyptian female athletes managed to honor our country across different sports. Here are some of the awesome Egyptian queens who raised the Egyptian flag in competitions all over the world:

Sara Samir

Egyptian Female

Egyptian 20-year-old weightlifter Sara Samir made history when she won THREE gold medals at the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) 2018 Junior World Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Nour El Sherbini

Egyptian Female

Squash world champion Nour El Sherbini was named the world’s best squash player for 2017-2018, in addition to winning the Tournament of Champions title for the second time in a row.

Farida Osman

Egyptian Female

Egyptian swimming champion Farida Osman won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Spain; a gold medal for the Women’s 50-meter freestyle, another gold medal for the 50-meter butterfly and a silver medal for the 100-meter butterfly. She made all Egyptians extremely proud.

Raneem El Weleily

Egyptian Female

Alexandria-born Raneem El Welily beat her fellow Egyptian champion Nour El Sherbini and was crowned number 1 worldwide according to the PSA’s ranking. El Welily was the first Egyptian woman to top the squash rankings in 2015. In December 2018 she managed to reclaim the title.

Hedaya Malak

Egyptian Female

Another gold medal was copped by our very own Hedaya Malek in the 2018 French Open Tournament in taekwondo.

Dina Barakat

Egyptian Female

Egyptian champion Dina Barakat won a bronze medal in the 75 kg weightlifting competitions in the Mediterranean Games held in Spain.

Afaf Elhodhod

Egyptian Female

Afaf Elhodhod won the bronze medal in the ISSF 10 meter air pistol competitions in the Mediterranean Games held in Spain.

Egyptian women have always been known for their strength and perseverance. So it is no surprise that these amazing women have been conquering the world in every field possible. It is, however, a bit disappointing that these champions have not been getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve. 

We know that Egyptian queens will never stop impressing in the future. We only hope we come to show them more support in the years to come. 

For now, we thank all these awesome champs for representing all Egyptian women in the best way possible and hope they have another amazing year!