The internet is booming with a new word whose proponents demand it to be added to the dictionary; meninism. This male-charged phenomena attempts to “flip” the sexes and allow men to complain about “oppression” and “discrimination” brought on by fascist sadistic women in everyday life. Fortunately for the sane world, much of social media activists are downright furious with this so-called movement. It is yet another foolproof evidence that women can’t request equality without having white men try to make everything about themselves.

Let me just begin by explaining what feminism really is. Feminism is the belief men and women should be treated equally in all aspects of the law, including but not limited to employment opportunities, payroll, political prospects, religious opportunities and social standards. And BECAUSE women have been oppressed for thousands of centuries, feminism aims to promote women’s statuses to MEET that of men’s. Oh and the title of feminism doesn’t correlate with misandry; if feminists don’t like anyone their dislike is certainly not discriminatory to just men.

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Hmm, maybe if I wasn’t a person who has to grapple for her right to retain her identity and fights against oppression and abuse on behalf of millions of female victims whose lives become dismantled day-by-day as a result of misogynist male-induced actions in a society where high school kids who decided to boost a “movement” because they didn’t get laid over the summer are given the privilege of being acknowledged, I wouldn’t be so offended.


The PORN industry is one of the most largely demanded genres in the movie industry bringing in 13 BILLION dollars on an annual basis IN THE USA ALONE. Do you really wanna talk about promotion of unrealistic expectations of body image? Should I go down the list of the HUNDREDS of movies, TV shows, magazines, music videos, and clothing stores that promote an unrealistic expectation of what a woman’s body is supposed to look like?

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The reason why principles as misandry and white male oppression espoused by meninists don’t exist is basically that women had to fight to obtain the right to vote, the right for an education, the right to run in political positions, the right to receive equal wage, and the right to have full authority over their bodies. When looking at consequential issues endured by male societies, such as rape, double standards, sexualisation, homophobia, transphobia, the enforcement of macho and alpha-male personalities , it’s quite obvious that a movement such as feminism that’s anti-rape, anti-double standards, anti-sexualisation of ANY of the genders, anti-homophobia, transphobia, and certainly anti the enforcement of any personality type that preaches masculinity through violence, barbarism and lack of empathy is undoubtedly the way these occurrences can be abolished.

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Meninism takes the hard work and the seriousness of feminism and makes it into a big joke.

So there you have it, meninists profoundly care about eliminating the friendzone, selling off their sexism as chivalry, eradicating sexualizing movie roles and video game characters (but only of males!), enforcing blue batteries, and stopping these evil, evil feminazis from destroying our peaceful patriarchic world!!


  • S X

    You talk about social media activits as if they are bloody aristocrats. Let me
    let you in on a little secret. Twitter was created in 2006. You probably found out about it between 2009 and 2012. Worthless, shallow people such as yourself found a platform in which they could “share their ideas” and idolized fellow idiots who had many “followers” hoping that one day they could reach this remarkable achievement. We, the minority of educated people who can think independently without being affected by other people in this world, do not give a flying fuck what “social media activists” think. I just wanted to let you know this. As for the rest of the article, I won’t comment on it. I already had an argument with a fellow writer of yours on this site which was positive. However, being the disgusting, misandrist scum that you are, doing so would be a waste of time.

    • Farida Ramadan

      You need to stop underestimating the power of social media. Social media has become a platform for everyone to freely to express their opinions. People are speaking up. A lot of social issues were neglected till social media came a long. A lot of teenagers are becoming more woke thanks to social media.

      I don’t know what the girl did to piss you off. I don’t see anything wrong with the article. Everything she said was spot on.

      • S X

        Social media has also become a platform for people to spread lies and propaganda taking advantage of teenagers who don’t read, have no critical thinking skills, and are easily manipulated. You say “teenagers are becoming more woke thanks to social”. They’re actually not. They maybe know a thing or two about what has happened in the world because of social media but do not know the exact details and factors that led to that thing.

        What pisses me off is people who neglect men’s rights like the writer of this article. Yes you heard me. Men have rights just like women and animals do. Any living being has rights. Men face sexism everyday just like women and have a right to express their feelings just like women do. How would you feel if I wrote an article with the title “Why The Feminist Movement is Irrelevant”?