As received from Reem Abdulkader in response to our article on Futures Language Schools
I’m sending you this message hoping that you’ll read it and help us out. I’m a student in Futures Language school. Although I’m in a different branch than the one which this terrible crime took place in, we’re all affected by it. When my friends and I first found out about what happened we were the first ones to object strongly and demand for justice. I strongly believe and demand that that inhuman person must be put tried in accordance to the law, and that the administration and people responsible should be punished.
However, now that many accusations are flying around we (the students ) are the ones who are negatively affected. I’ve been in this school for so long, and I’ve seen good as I’ve seen bad. I’ve met the most respectable humble people ever. I’ve been taught by some amazing teachers. And when I needed help or when I had a complaint I’d get it. Now other schools are preventing students from the Futures schools to apply, and the whole student body has a bad reputation inforced upon it. Just the mention of our school in the application gets you immediate rejection without any evaluation of the individual. Now how is that by any means fair? How can I get into a good college in the future with a bad reputation? Our school is not bad. It just has some bad people in it, and this shouldn’t stereotype everyone as “the bad guy.”