With its great Nile view, neo-Asian interiors and impeccable service; Mirai might as well be the up and coming wine & dine experience on the island of Zamalek.

I have been to Mirai twice since it opened and I have to say the food was always up to my expectations. The hors d’oeuvres are perfection, although on both visits the dumplings were not available, the raw spring roles with their succulent peanut sauce were more than enough. The shrimp Konafa were just right; crunchy on the outside yet juicy and flavorsome on the inside.   

The Tom Yum Goong Nam Kon is an impeccably put together soup, nicely balances coconut milk, Asian herbs, seafood and mushroom. The broth offers innovative and challenging flavor for food lovers.

Despite the rather interesting main course menu that includes fish, meat and chicken, I opted for sushi; the sashimi was good, fresh and tasty. And the crazy roll was a little spicy but tasteful.

For the Teppanyaki lovers, the portions are big and the three course feast  is super filling, so of you are a company of 4,let’s say, 3 orders will be enough that is if you are not full after the soups and appetizers.

Mirai isn’t low-priced but the quality of food and the ambiance make up for it.