As usual, Misr El Kheir are having another one of their great initiatives to raise awareness and funds! This time, they are collaborating with Cairo Runners in a new outstanding campaign, where they also work with children from community schools!

The always inspiring development organization is launching its new unique campaign aiming at raising awareness about the importance of Education. Additionally, the campaign is creating an inspiring engagement with the public to participate with this incredibly significant and crucial national cause of increasing the number of students enrolled in Community Schools; all through securing education opportunity.

 They have featured children’s paintings and drawings on these products; playing on their artistic side to grow their talents and make them work together for a better future, through a simple yet super inspiring thing to do, and that is drawing!

 This is NOT all, the children will also get to see their own artistic handmade material up on the JUMIA & Misr El Kheir website and Misr El Kheir stores in Mosadk & Omarat Elobour and New Cairo, for everyone to buy them and participate in the campaign through their much-needed donations. It is not just about charitable work here, it’s about motivating those children and making them feel like they’ve done something for the community as well as themselves.

Furthermore, within the framework of the same inspiring campaign, the collaboration between Misr El Kheir and Cairo Runners comes in the form of a run that took place in Gouna on October 12th. They ran for the children who took part in their ‘Back to School’ campaign in order to raise funds. Most importantly, they ran to increase awareness about the community schools’ supplies and materials!

Isn’t that just SUPER inspiring and motivating? We can’t wait to buy those children’s awesome art pieces