Though cancer is one of the worst diseases out there, having it doesn’t mean your time is limited anymore. Back in the day, people usually detected it at later stages and sometimes had no means to help themselves.

Misr El-Kheir, though, is making sure that this all changes through its campaign and collaboration with Sherif Madkour and all those who are fighting cancer.

Misr El-Kheir’s Support To The Fayoum Oncology Center

Though about 35% of North-Upper Egyptians with cancer need radiation therapy, there are only 70 interventional radiology catheter units in Egypt.

You may think that’s a decent number but these patients need more than 160 units so everyone gets a shot at treatment. This is where the Fayoum Oncology Center comes in, with Misr El-Kheir’s support.

That support included the purchasing and assembling of the interventional radiology catheter’s parts, while developing an action plan to be implemented in the second phase.

Luckily, the capacity of the device is 80 sessions per day, which will help the treatment of the largest number of patients.

Although this center may be one of the few centers of its kind in North-Upper Egypt, no one can deny it’s doing the best job it can as it provides many services, treatment opportunities, and psychological and moral support to approximately 80 cancer patients a day.

Among these services are the diagnosis and treatment of tumors through outpatient clinics, early oncology detection, and chemotherapy units.

Through joint efforts with the Fayoum Oncology Center, Misr El-Kheir hopes to also raise people’s awareness through organizing health seminars and conferences.

Misr El-Kheir’s Fi Dahr El-Batal campaign hopes to raise preventative awareness while promoting early cancer detection.

Sherif Madkour’s Contribution and What’s Next for Misr El-Kheir

Misr El-Kheir’s valuable efforts are commendable and we’re all steadily supporting it as it makes sure to help out when help is needed in Egypt.

Aiding the wrapping up of the Fayoum Oncology Center, Misr El-Kheir is hoping to continue its valiant efforts through the next phase of its plan.

The organization hopes to add more to cancer treatment through the development of a new surgical hospital, while also helping out with the expenses of the patients’ medications.

Misr El-Kheir partnered up with media anchor Sherif Madkour, who has recently spoken about his ongoing battle with colon cancer, in hopes of inspiring other cancer fighters and exposing others who are going on the same road to recovery.

As it always sets a shining example for others to follow, we hope other  NGOs follow in Misr El-Kheir’s footsteps.