Most of us just love and live for football. Nothing, literally nothing, makes our day more than seeing our team win a match, right? Well, unfortunately, our favorite players won’t always be in the best shape and living their best lives.

They struggle with hardships too, but why should that mean they need to step down and keep a low profile? One player who is certainly not doing that is former Zamalek and Ahly player Moa’men Zakaria, and we are super proud of him for it!

This was during the “Aladdin” play at Cairo Show Theatre

For the past couple of days, we’ve all seen this touching video of Ahmed Ezz asking the audience to show some support to Moa’men Zakaria, who was also among the audience that night, and wishing him a speedy recovery from what seems to be a serious illness.

The video went viral and in the matter of no time, our timelines were full of people sending out prayers and good thoughts in Zakaria’s direction. Zamalek fans, Ahly fans, and people who never even liked football were all moved by Moa’men’s bravery.

Now you may all be wondering what’s so brave about fighting a disease like millions of other people. Well, in the case of celebrities and public figures (we’ve seen this many times) the person would choose to lay low or disappear completely. But Moa’men chose otherwise!

Al Ahly Club superstar, allegedly suffering from a rare muscle disease that also affects the nervous system, is going about town attending shows and supporting friends with a high spirit.

Now that’s something to root for. Moa’men is giving us an insight and showing us the real side to the lives of celebrities we always see from a distance. They’re human too and it’s not always gold medals and fancy yacht trips.

We’re honestly humbled by Moa’men’s story and we’re glad people got to see someone like him putting up a fight against the hurdles of life with a smile on his face. Truly inspiring!