Mohamed Salah

Being famous means a lot of things. Sometimes, it means human traffic can stop you on more than one occasion because people always have questions for you.

Sometimes, it means people think they can tell you how to live your life. Mohamed Salah knows all about this and more, considering the “friendly advice” recently reached his daughter, Makka.

So, What Happened?

In this day and age, we’re all connected online and being connected means you get to share things.

Salah isn’t all that different from us in these regards. Sure, he’s been criticized before for not sharing or putting emojis over his family members, but he’s learning to get around this.

So, Salah shared a simple, innocent video of his daughter playing and singing on her mini-piano.

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Because this is something that’s, in all honesty, a little cute, a lot of the reactions to the video were positive. People from all over Salah’s audience left comments on how sweet and adorable the video was.

positive IG comment

positive IG comment

Then, of course, there were others who didn’t share the same opinion. You might think it’s a little strange because it’s only a video of a singing little girl, but these people had their “reasons“.

ugly IG comment

ugly IG comment
a little reminder that she’s five years-old.

ugly IG comment

ugly IG comment

ugly IG comment

Yeah. All of these comments don’t even include the ones where Makka Salah was cursed by a plethora of horrible names to call anyone, least of all a child.

When Salah gets comments like these, can we really blame the man if he doesn’t go public with his family like others do?

Where The Problem Lies

Something terrifying is brewing here. All of these people were very much conscious as they left these comments, advice and swear words. All tackling the daytime hobby of a five year-old girl just because her father’s extremely visible online.

Yes, this doesn’t even have anything to do with fame, even if it amplifies the fire just a little more.

The problem is that people think that just because someone is posting something on social media, then they’re going to be happy to accept constructive and not-so-constructive criticism from people they don’t even know.

No one has the right to barge into someone’s home and start rearranging their furniture, do they? Neither does anyone owe it to anyone to give you a copy of their house keys just because someone asked nicely.

There are boundaries and we need to learn to accept them. We also need to make it public knowledge that cursing children isn’t acceptable.