Fellow makeup lovers, there are moments that we can all relate to. Some make us ecstatic, others make us cringe, but at the end of the day, we’ll never let go of our love for makeup. 


1- Sharp winged eyeliner, sharper attitude 

Getting your eyeliner on point is the biggest struggle ever, but on the rare occasion where you perfect it, you feel like you’ve conquered the world! You’ll be feeling yourself, and your attitude will so show that.

2- Broke but still in love 

Makeup is expensive AF! Even when we’re broke, if we pass by a Sephora or a Mazaya store, best believe we’ll still buy it and be so happy to open the goodies (but still cry for our wallets on the inside).

3- You are NEVER on time 


Your friends hate you for always being late to every outing. In university, you’re known as the girl who’s never on time. Your parents usually tell you to be ready hours before the actual time, but it’s all worth it because you look like a queen.

4- You never understand when people say “I don’t wear makeup” 


Makeup is art, and it’s so fun. You can never understand how some people don’t wear makeup.

5- When guys say “I prefer girls without makeup” 


Nothing annoys us more, because like, we don’t care what you prefer. We don’t wear makeup for anyone other than ourselves.

6- When a fellow makeup lover compliments your makeup


It’s one thing getting complimented by people, and another by someone who knows and appreciates makeup just as much. You build a compradore like no other. Seriously, always give those compliments!

7- You cannot understand how people can fit their entire makeup collection in one bag 


If your makeup collection can fit into one bag, you’re either a sorcerer, or this article is not for you.

8- You realize 78 hours later that you’ve been watching YouTube videos all this time 


We’re all guilty of spending hours on YouTube watching the queens of makeup show us how it’s done. We later realize we’ve been staring at our screen for 37937 hours.

9- When you’re waiting for a makeup delivery and it’s actually the most orgasmic moment of your life 


It’s one thing going to the store and buying it, and another ordering online and having to wait days, or even weeks, for the precious package to arrive. Unboxing, unwrapping, and seeing the new products for the first time are all part of the fun.

10- When you sneeze, and your makeup is still ON POINT 


After spending all this time on makeup, you’re not about to ruin your masterpiece.

11- Your makeup stops you from crying


12- The moment when your S/O sees your bare face for the first time and doesn’t freak out


Hello, relationship milestone!

13- Everyone starts to ask you for makeup tips 

You feel like such a beauty expert because everyone around you comes to you for help about which products to use or how to achieve a certain look.

14- When your highlighter is brighter than your future 


You feel like a goddess queen when your highlighter is on point.

15- Your lipstick choice isn’t just a colour, it’s a statement 


MAC’s Diva, hell yes, I am.

Makeup is just fun; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just do me a favour; DON’T get lazy and remove it at the end of the day. *note to self*