Seeing as how we feel like it’s our absolute duty to inform you of the many ways we can all collectively gain weight this Ramadan, we decided to share with you even more creative desserts that will be available during the Holy month by Egypt’s most loved patisseries.

Let’s kick the second edition of our dessert guide with Dukes and their Nutella-Topped Konafa. Sure, Nutella and Konafa are not, by any means, new kids on the block, but we just love how pretty the Dukes’ one looks, with the white chocolate crescent and stars- almost too pretty to eat.


How could one not enjoy the traditional 2atayef during Ramadan? They’re pretty much addictive. Carousel offers them in toasted form with delicious-sounding dips, including Blueberry, Caramel and Nutella- perfect for munching. Carousel seems very keen on offering us delicious bite-sized desserts, the likes of Nutella-Filled Zalabia. A sugar coma never looked, nor tasted so good.

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Continuing with the theme of 2atayef,  Fresco’s “2atayef Mix” basically features the delicious pastries with a bunch of creative fillings, including Blueberry and Nutella- like we needed more excuses to consume more 2atayef during Ramadan!


It seems like cheesecake and konafa are the new match made in dessert heaven, and Devour decided to add Nutella to this ‘it’ couple, creating the massive Konafa Nutella Cheesecake. We’ll definitely feel bad about putting our bodies through the torture of digesting this sugar-loaded bomb, but not bad enough to just not try it out.


Coppermelt are definitely raising all the bars this Ramadan with their numerous creative creations. Their Aish Saraya is perhaps the most colourful one we’ve seen, with different toppings covering every inch of it, from Maltesers to Blueberry spread to the traditional Pistachios.


Our ending thought has to be: if you’re reading this while fasting, we deeply apologize for any pain we may have caused you!