Whatever your religion is, or whether you’re even religious or not, I think we can all agree that there is nothing lower than committing a crime in a place of worship.

This is exactly what these two women did; they stole another lady’s bag in a mosque during prayers.

While this video is absolutely disgusting due to the fact that someone is actually stealing in a mosque, the commentary of the video is somehow worse than the video itself.

The video is being reviewed by two men who just decided to be religiously discriminating and claim that the women are Christians.

How did they jump to this conclusion? We have no idea, but they did.

How is their religion even relevant? We also have no idea.

The irony is that they do mention that you never find beggars or thieves in churches, which is commonly true. Instead of thinking that maybe they have respect for their place of worship, it was easier for them to think that they go steal and beg elsewhere.

We honestly hate to break this to the person speaking, BUT Muslims do in fact steal in places of worship, just like we’re sure other people from different religions do too.

Here, for example, is a video taken in one of the holiest place for Muslims, the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.

Why is this video important? It’s because non-Muslims will not even be allowed there. Only those who, at least, have “Muslim” on their official papers.

It’s also safe to say that the majority of those who’ve been to Mecca have experienced at least one incident of theft.

It gets worse; many women have experienced harassment during hajj from people who are Muslims” and are supposedly performing hajj themselves.

The worst part about this video is that the replies to the tweets do not tackle the real issue. Instead, they are focusing on the fact that there was a camera in the women’s mosque.

Which quite honestly, they do have a valid point about. Why was there a camera in a women’s mosque, and why and how is the video online? More importantly, why is it being viewed by men and not women? We have no idea.

However, there’s a much bigger issue.

The video is disturbing. The act committed is disturbing. The commentary, however, is disastrous. The fact that people are brushing everything off and focusing on the cameras is, however, rock bottom.