Awkward Moments

‘Almost’ couples have lots and lots of awkward moments. But let’s say that the season of awkward moments is Valentine’s season. This day is special only to those who have their whole relationships figured out. However, it is kind of shady to those poor people of an ‘almost’ relationship.

Here are some of the awkward situations people have to go through if they’re still in the grey area.

#1: Does He/She Mean it When They Say ‘Happy Valentine’s’?

This question is extremely valid. I mean is he/she just saying it out of boredom, or are you really his/her Valentine’s? No one can ever give you an answer to this except for the god of love Cupid.

#2: That Moment When Only One of the ‘Almost’ Couple Buys the Other a Gift

It gets really really awkward once you find your ‘almost’ partner arriving with a gift that is all wrapped in red and probably is a red item as well. Like are we a thing now or is this just out of ‘brotherhood’. Suddenly you become your dumbest version of yourself.

#3: Avoiding Valentine’s Topic Because it is too Awkward

The word ‘Valentine’s’ on its own is awkward. I mean, you both act as if you are just friends, but the whole world knows that you two should celebrate it, but you are both too scared to confront one another. Or maybe you just want to save the money of that expensive date, flowers and the gift, typical Egyptian.

#4: When He/She Asks Why You Ain’t Celebrating V-Day

Probably you thought about kicking them in the a** multiples of times and had this thought recurring ‘Because you didn’t ask me yet dumb***’.

#5: When Your Friends Assume You Are Celebrating

Imagine you two sitting there with one of your mutual friends, and this stupid creature starts asking about how you two are going to celebrate Valentine’s together. This nosy person assumes that you two are already together because it is too damn obvious that you both have a thing for one another.

Do you have anything else to add to this list?