Although it might seem like not much has happened in 2019, looking back on the past 12 months, we found that many Egyptian women have been a true inspiration to all of us. Here are the ladies who helped shape 2019!

Radwa Moussa

She is the mother of Zein, the boy battling cancer since 2013 and the author of the book “From Darkness into Light.” This woman gives a great example in faith, empowerment and persistence!

Logina Salah

If anything, 2019 has definitely been Logina Salah’s year. The 28 year old makeup artist rocking her Vitiligo spots without makeup raised the bar high for body positivity. You go girl!

Marwa Kenawy

The mother of Youssef El Araby who was murdered by a stray bullet a couple of years back has finally got her justice in 2019. For years, she didn’t give up on her case and went as far as going on a hunger strike!

Rahma Khaled

Rahma Khaled, the Olympic swimmer with Down Syndrome, is at the top of her game in 2019. She fought hard enough until her dream of becoming a TV presenter came true!

Yasmine Ghaith

For a while now, Yasmine Ghaith, the cancer survivor, has been setting an inspirational role model for every woman. but this year, she launched a jewelry line with her cancer scars as the theme!

Soheir El Attar

Soheir El Attar, the 70 year old swimmer who won the silver medal in the women’s 200m backstroke at the World Masters Championship, is yet another great example for Egyptian women empowerment. If you ever feel like it’s too late, check out her photos!

There you go, some 2019 success stories to get you going in 2020!