mother's day

Mother’s Day is considered a happy occasion, and it is. But not always, and not to everyone. Because not everyone gets to celebrate their moms or wish them a “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Whether you are spending this day alone because you lost your mom or she is just out of the picture, we understand that this day can be difficult and painful to you, and we are here to tell you, you don’t have to go through it alone anymore.

Usually throughout this month, everyone, including us, are pretty vocal in celebrating all the moms and wishing them a happy Mother’s Day, which they, of course, deserve.

However, this year, we thought it is about time we give a voice to those who are usually silent around this time of year. Those grieving or ignoring the absence of their moms on this special day.

We couldn’t begin to claim to know what is going through their minds or what they are feeling; so instead of speaking for them, we decided to hear what they have to say about this day…

To some this day was only a reminder of what they have lost…

“When I was young, I used to sleep whenever my mom does. One day, she asked me about the reason. I told her “What if you died and I am still here?” So silly, I know. But this is how young I was. This is why my mind still can’t accept the fact she is gone! And this is all that Mother’s Day reminds me of; HER LOSS. I just wish people were more considerate of others’ feelings. Especially on this day…”

– Radwa, 25

To some, it was a chance to celebrate the memory of their moms…

“It’s the day that honors her wonderful life, how she put us first; me and my sister. How she fought the hard circumstances she faced when she got divorced, and of course, how she fought her cancer. She taught me how to keep going even if she’s not here. She always believed in me even if it was in a sarcastic way. She taught me a lot and I always brag about the way she raised me. And nothing makes me happier than when I hear people saying “I don’t know your mom, nor will I ever meet her, but she raised a hell of a kid.” She was a mother and a friend that I will honor forever, this day and every day, but I will never lose her, because of her ever-glow that is still with me.”

– Ibrahim, 23

I celebrate my mom every day not just on Mother’s Day. I learned to do so once I lost her.”

– Mahmoud, 29

And some were just torn…

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been conflicted within myself when it came to Mother’s Day. A part of me thinks ‘it’s crap’ and hate this month altogether, and wish people would just keep it to themselves. But another part is happy for all the kids celebrating their moms. Of course, mothers deserve to be celebrated, every day not just Mother’s Day. But all these publicly displayed emotions and celebrations can be rough for someone on the other side. I don’t know, right this minute, I think it’s crap, ask me again tomorrow, I might change my mind.”

– Mariam, 24

This is exactly why we didn’t try to express their feelings for them, because unless we are in their shoes, we will never be able to feel what they are feeling.

We are glad and honored that we could give them a chance to speak up about what they feel and go through this time of year.

We are here for you all!