The world-renowned American-Greek musician, Yanni, is YET AGAIN to perform in Egypt!

This is finally happening 3 years after Yanni’s first groundbreaking performance at the Great Pyramids of Giza amidst thousands of his loving fans in 2015. The concert made an unprecedented buzz both locally and internationally.

In case you missed that one, here’s a God sent chance to make it up!

On July 26th, Mountain View in partnership with PlanB will be hosting the biggest seated concert in the history of the Middle East, under the theme of “Yanni By the Sea”.

With his unparalleled stage presence and captivating tunes, the Greek icon, who has been dazzling us with a rich musical career that spans over 25 years, will be taking the stage to perform some of his classics in non-other than the magical Greek Islands in Ras El HekmaNorth Coast.

A well-established microcosm of Greece, with premium beaches and lagoons catching the ancient Mediterranean vibes at Sahel’s hottest new spot.

Just to refresh your memory on how big this is:

Yanni, the American-based Greek musician has been taking the international music scene by storm for decades now; blending jazzsoft rock and classical music altogether. But what makes him a real-life legend is how celebrated and acknowledged his global music is.

At the least, sixteen of his albums made it to Grammy nominations in addition to winning countless other awards.

Who’s better to deliver the best of both worlds? Needless to ask.

Actually, what makes us even more excited about this is the fact that the all-white party is an amazing initiative to support not only art and music in the Middle East but more importantly, Egyptian tourism.

Nothing helps boost Egyptian tourism more than an  international star like Yanni performing right in the heart of Egypt with a live audience, right?

The concert is nothing but a great chance to show the world the true image of Egypt.

Hands down, this will be the hottest event of the year!