In times of crisis, some might tend to turn a blind eye and others instantly rise up to the challenge for direct action. Well, Mountain View, decided to address the threat and prioritize the welfare of its community. With Covid-19 unfolding before the world’s eyes, Mountain View has truly given us a lesson regarding how big brands and companies should be responding to the global pandemic.  

On that note, we can’t help but admire their PCF4 safety protocol. Created carefully and thoroughly by the company’s urgent crisis committee to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of their employees, partners, and residents all across their grounds. So, let’s see and learn!

After observing the guidelines provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, Mountain View has decided on this exact course of action with their big family’s interest at heart.

As firm believers in the irreplaceable importance of the company’s human asset, Mountain View has decided since the beginning of this hardship that people should come first. Accordingly, they designed this scientific safety protocol ahead of the gradual return of their workforce to the company’s premises after working according to flexible hours from home during the past two months.

From now on, a strict plan of cleansing and decontamination will be performed regularly within each and every Mountain View premises by means of the “sterilization tunnel” that every living soul will have to go through upon entering any of Mountain View’s locations.

Given the developer’s strict commitment towards its previously-communicated construction and delivery plans, construction sites will also adhere to the new safety protocol to secure the safety of the workforce.

Between the regular disinfection of trucks and equipment as well as maintaining the necessary social distance between site workers, the protocol certainly puts the safety of each worker first.

They didn’t draw the line there, Mountain View will also be providing fixed temperature tests, carrying out safety awareness sessions, and regularly distributing individual protective kits.

We bet you feel safer already, right? The plan also includes the cleansing and disinfecting of working stations, employees’ cars, and public areas; they are pretty much-leaving nothing to chance!

We know we’re not, but in case you’re still questioning their methods, Mountain View put together a video demonstration for people to get a firsthand idea of the amount of effort being invested to maintain the safety of both employees and residents.