We’ve all heard of the new highly anticipated movie Warda, ever since the trailer was released people were curious to watch it. Yesterday, I finally saw it and was completely let down. It was extremely disappointing that the movie is a duplicate of  “Paranormal Activity”, and a very poor one too. In my opinion, the movie was missing a lot of details that could’ve helped the audience understand the plot.

The script was poorly written and the message intended to be delivered was flawed. The quality of horror movies largely  depends on their soundtracks ; in this case the music did not  highlight the scary scenes. The story is about a family that lives in urban parts of Egypt. The family consists of the mother, two brothers and Warda the youngest sister who is supposedly possessed . They have a fourth deceased sibling,Faten, but it’s not clear what exactly happened to her.  They don’t actually show us how they perform the exorcism either. At least we thought that should have been the climax of the movie. It never actually happens, instead Warda kills her mother and brother leaving information missing.

Finally, I think the trailer deceived us, projecting a wrong image of the movie. It attracted too many audience only to leave them disappointed at the end.