Movie Reel

Written by : Sayed Ragai


Well, first of all I just know it’s a 2 different things to compare between , but at the same time they are related somehow , cause both of them should be based on creativity, originality and uniqueness, plus they are representing a level of art in our country .

but nowadays one of them is in the top notch and the other is down to the ground, so did you made your guess yet ?! I think you don’t need to make a guess, cause it’s crystal clear, so let’s talk first about movies.

Egypt was from the first countries who made movies and cinema , actually it all started in Egypt and France back in 1896, can you imagine 119 years ago ?!

It was a french silent film called “The Lumiรจre Brothers” the film was shown in Egypt directly after it’s first show in France , then Egypt started to make their own movies by making a silent documentary short film back in 1907 , then in 1917 we made the first full movie with sound and from that day Egypt started to take a real good place in creating movies , and then it’s big rebound in 60’s and 70’s and so on .

But look at us now after being one the pioneers of cinema worldwide and for decades, we create the worst and the cheapest movies ever, since the 90s and from the 2000s, we became nothing in this industry, we’re not even close to what we used to mock (Aflam Hendy)

Look at the movies now, some are stolen from foreign movies and some times even with the posters , and some are without a story line or a decent scenario , just a bunch of unprofessional clowns and wannabes covered under the cape of actor/actress , and the rest are just a bunch of movies with the same scenario which includes a thug , a drug dealer , a belly dancer , and some nude cheap shots not even related to the story but just to grab attention … What a shame !!!


but in the other hand we got the most ultimate rebound in commercials , if you watched TV and street commercials and compared them with old ones of every company or brand , you will notice what I’m talking about , you can see a real creativity and originality which creates a big success for us in this field , you can find a group of friends talking about commercials they watched and sometimes they even use some of it’s quotes in some situations , and that happens with me btw, but you won’t find that in the movies right now.


From my own humble perspective, I see that people who are responsibleย for the marketing campaigns have found that the best way to do this is by giving a chance for the youth to make it in their own way in order to keep up with the current era and technology , let’s admit it’s the era of technology, so the same old ways won’t work , you always need fresh blood to continue.

What I’m trying to say here is that the movie industry has been monopolized by some people, and those people are not giving the chance for the youth to be a part of this industry, cause for them it’s not about art it’s all about money and that’s it, but if they gave themselves a minute to think about it, they can reach both art and money by doing what marketing campaigns do nowadays but in their own way.