moving on

Relationships, we all go through them. Some are pleasant; some aren’t but the one thing they all have in common is that it sucks when they end. The bright side of it all is that we are able to move on and get over things.

I have had exes tell me before how they “didn’t mean anything” to me because I moved on from our relationship too fast for them to understand it. People think that when you are truly in love you have to spend months in self pity in order to move on, but that is not true.

Moving on is a difficult task. Everyone has their own process, but it’s a necessary evil. Binge watch, eat ice cream, block them, go on a night out with your friends; find your poison and go deal with those feelings. You will eventually reach a point where you are okay enough to see other people without remembering how he used to hold you or bringing him up in conversations. You’ll be able to replace those nostalgic memories you had in your special places with more mundane but less painful ones.

You’ll reach a point when the memories stop giving you a knot in your stomach. They’ll just be images of things that happened to you in the past. They’ll just be facts, part of your life story. And then you’ll meet someone new. You’ll make memories with them and create new special places.

Seeing your ex now will feel different. It will definitely feel like something though. This is what I mean. You will always feel something for them; they will always mean something to you. People you shared something special with will constantly have a part of you and no amount of moving on will change that. You can be married with children and still have a sweet spot for someone you dated. You shared something that not a lot of people share. You were the most vulnerable form of yourself in front of them and they appreciated and saw that. That doesn’t go away.

That’s why what people mean to you has no correlation with time, no correlation with moving on. Feelings cannot be quantified in any terms. That’s what everyone needs to understand.