Texting has become a huge part of our lives to the extent that we can’t imagine going through our day without having our phones too close all the time. If you go back to how things were 10 or 15 years ago, you would be extremely surprised by the evolution of the texting world.

If you haven’t gone through this evolution, then you haven’t lived a true childhood.

#1: ICQ

This was the starting point for some, but I haven’t personally gone through this phase. That squeaky sound you hear once you receive the message and that frequently asked question ‘ASL’. Who would have thought that ASL is Age, Sex, Language? Coolest kids on the planet!

#2: MSN

Remember how MSN was our life on Thursdays and weekends? Every Thursday right after school, we would be online doing nothing but chatting with our friends. Maybe dressing up celebrities along the way.

When one of your friends needs you the most, they just simply send you a ‘nudge’. And all the ‘BRB’, ‘TYT’ and ‘G2G’ that saved us hours and hours!

#3: Ebuddy

We all had this application installed on our CoOoOoL Nokia/Motorola phones. Back then internet on mobile phones wasn’t still a thing, it was just the start! And we all had to spend hours writing one word because keyboards back then were idiotic with no buttons for letters!

#4: Facebook Chat

There is nothing special about this phase, except for being able to chat while checking your feed AND playing Pet Society or FarmVille. Remember the ‘Hi’s that were the reason of friendships and even relationships?

#5: BBM

‘What’s your pin?’ How many people asked you this question, or even worse, how many people have you asked this question? It was a weird phase where people sent broadcasts of weird stuff, had cheesy ‘funky’ statuses and PING as a ‘Why are you ignoring me sign’.

#6: Whatsapp

The application that we currently can’t live without. This application has changed the texting world and made texting a constant and important part of our days. ‘He/She was last seen 12:00, why is he/she ignoring me?’ Been there, done that already!

#7: Instagram and SnapChat

I wouldn’t say that these applications are platforms that are precisely for texting, but it is definitely one for communication. ‘He opened my story but didn’t reply to my texts, why is he ignoring me? Does he not like me anymore?’ ‘Why is she posting a picture with that dude? Are they together? Oh I thought she liked me’ How many of you guys did that or came across a friend who does?

God knows what comes next ….