Beginnings are just hectic, aren’t they? Whether you’re starting out at a new job or you’re going back to school, you know it’s about to start. You’ll have to juggle a million things at once and that, for a lack of a better word, is chaotic.

It’s times like these that make us honestly wish we had gadgets that were all about helping ace this whole multitasking thing. And, incidentally, ASUS has listened to our pleas. The VivoBook might seem too good to be true, but it’s real and it’s here and we’re going to tell you all about it!

So, leaving your laptop unattended won’t be a problem anymore

Sure, leaving your laptop somewhere while you go to get something was never a big problem if you had a password but the VivoBook takes this tidbit and amps up the ante. All you have to do is enable the Face Logon through the IR Camera before you lock the laptop and that’s that!

And, yes, it works exactly like you think it does. At first, you’ll have to setup the settings and the webcam but after you activate the IR Camera, you won’t have to worry about taking rather long trips to the campus’s vending machine.

You won’t have any more battery issues

Batteries have always been a tricky subject when it comes to PC’s, honestly. And sure the VivoBook’s Super Battery can fast charge from 0% to 60% in under an hour, but who’s to say it won’t get wonky at some point?

Well, VivoBook is also the one that says that. See, we’re all already aware of the dangers of overcharging our laptop batteries and how they can damage the battery lifespan, and ASUS is too. That’s why it’s introducing Health Charging, which is basically three battery-modes settings you can get to choose from to avoid possible battery overcharging.

This is what you have to do: Just pick one of the three modes (Full Capacity, Balanced, or Maximum Lifespan) and you’re all set to prolonging your battery’s lifespan.

Right about now, you might be thinking something like this. “Okay, so now I know how to preserve my battery and that’s good, but what about everything else?”

It’s about time you asked that, honestly, because we’ve been dying while holding back on what we’re about to tell you now.

In the spirit of caring for multitaskers and multitaskers-in-training, your VivoBook’s Home Page will provide you quick access to System Diagnosis and Hardware Settings.

Too techy for you? Okay. Basically, you’ll get to give your PC a health check. And much like a real doctor’s office, this hardware check will tell you if a problem is about to happen to the hardware (including memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDD, and battery).

And if they aren’t?

Well, the VivoBook lets you contact ASUS easily through email and online chat (though online chat is limited to specific regions). This after-sale service will allow you to even send voice messages and screenshots so the company will know exactly what you need and how they can provide instant help.

Naturally, this will save you all that time you’d have spent googling up a storm on online forums. It might even prevent minor things from becoming full-blown problems. And just like that, you’d have saved yourself an insane amount of effort and time.

But wait…what if disaster does strike? What if you’ll end up needing to take your laptop to an ASUS repair center?

Well, don’t worry too much. If you do leave it at a repair center, it’ll be like you’ve never left because you now can see the real-time repair status of your laptop by entering the RMA number or the product’s serial number.

And this is also a very good time to mention this—this 10th Gen Intel VivoBook has 1.2 years of international warranty and 2 years of perfect warranty, too. And if it’s not enough, you can extend the warranty by clicking Premium Care…right on your Home Page.

So, remember how we specifically said the VivoBook is a multitasker’s dream come true? Well, you’re about to figure out why. We only have two words for you—MyASUS App.

Integrated and updated from its previous version, MyASUS is heaven-sent. It’s basically like the very own virtual assistant you never knew you’d need! See, it has a few features:

File and URL transfer

With the app, you can now transfer all sorts of files and links between your phone and your laptop. Only literally with a tap of your finger. Speed beating out Bluetooth, this transfer happens by clicking the file and sharing (for files) or tapping the share icon on your browser and clicking MyASUS (for URLs).

Can you think of how much faster this will make your life? You won’t have to go through any kind of process to move your assignments around anymore.


Accessing a phone app through a PC is great, but you know what’s greater? Accessing the whole phone’s interface through your laptop. If you don’t have time to fish your phone out, the VivoBook will already have all your notifications and messages (and you’ll text faster too, with that keyboard ratio) and even apps—simply by mirroring your phone’s screen.

Hands-free phone calls

Speaking of fishing your phone out of your pocket, you won’t have to do that anymore for anything. Yes, even phone calls because the VivoBook has that handled. You’ll now be able to access your contacts and make and take all your calls through your PC’s speakers and microphone or headset.

And that’s certainly useful, for things like on-phone tutorials or side-talks while you work or for gaming.

Remote file access

Okay, so maybe you can use your phone if you want to. And if you want to access a file on your PC and it’s not currently with you, then there’s no problem.

As long as your laptop is under Modern Standby, you can remotely access all the files on your laptop from anywhere at any time, as in you can access important files when you’re away in class or in the office. And you can even generate specific QR codes to share these files with other people, who can simply scan and download them.

Screen extender

With this feature, users can drag all files onto their phones for an easier time cross-referencing. As in, your phone can become a second, portable display screen, which would save you twice the effort as well as make your effort count for double! 

Who says multitasking is scary anymore? Certainly not ASUS.