Fall has its way in of sneaking up on us, just as we’re enjoying those sunny beach days and poolside sessions. All of a sudden, we’re out of shopping time and we have to get out our sweaters and cardigans that could work for both fall and winter.

This drama ends today, we did your homework for you. We give you this list of the top 2019 fall fashion must haves!

Sexy Suting

We have alreadyAs previously mentioned, that suits in general are so in this season, but the sexy cut suitss just needs their own category. Business really meets pleasure with those bold shoulders, no pants and, Aasymmetrical necklines; they, they are actually more suited fitting for a night out and notrather than a dull day at the your office job, obviously!

Floral Fiasco 

Floral is not just for summer and spring any more. The fFlorals found on jackets, cardigans and blouses are proving that the floral print will be more alive than ever during this autumn season. Pick a one or two floral items and we guarantee you will be at the top of the fashion game. 

Plaid Madness

We just love this trend so much, we hope it never goes out of style. Plaids have taken over most of the fashion items in on the runways and in stores. They’re basically on everything now; dresses, scarfs scarves and even shoes. We would recommend you not todon’t go overboard with accessorizing it if you don’t want a grunge look!

Elongated Blazers

This is one item you have to have in your wardrobe for any season. The nice old suit that is making a huge comeback this fall season but in casual wear. The elongated blazers are so in;, pick one in a warm color, play with belts and statement earrings and you’re good to go.

Leather Everything

 For a casual chic look, go for the leather everything trend. Leather pants, leather jackets, leather skirts, you name it. Mix and match with a maxi dress or go over the top with an all leather outfit for a feisty flare.

Lady like Lace

<> at NYY Steak Manhattan on July 28, 2014 in New York City.

Every girl likes to have a one or two lacey item in their her wardrobe. Be it a top, jumpsuit or a dress; they are super feminine, romantic and classic. To be in style, combine a lacey item with a denim jacket and a white sneaker.

Choose wisely, girls!