Two kilometers away from Ras Shetan, and 18 kilometers from Taba heights, lies the most unique restaurant and day use spot in the whole Sinai Peninsula, Castle Zaman. With its exceptional medieval architecture, lies on a cliff that overviews a mountainous view of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.


Slow food cooking with mouthwatering taste is one of their specialties. Welcoming faces serve you different platters cooked in Egyptian earthenware, roasted at convenient temperature. Food portions are just huge! Meat, Turkey and sea food got an incomparable taste. You may eat indoors and enjoy the unique wooden architect of the place, or you may prefer to eat in the outdoor area and be pleased with the sea view.

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Castle Zaman is not only a restaurant; it is actually a day use spot, where you can eat and chill by the pool. It alsoย has a Panoramic view over the sea and the mountains of Nuweiba! The location and the design of the natural pool is just brilliant. Its designed in a special way to give you the illusion that the natural pool is just an extension of the sea- so you are actually enjoying both views.


Castle Zaman is designed in a distinctive way to allow you to spend mornings and nights there. At night the eco-friendly handcrafted lighting fixtures are all lightened up to give you a chance to have you drinks in charming and mysterious atmosphere, and listening to the especial albums played in Castle Zaman will complete your incomparable experience.

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It is recommended to spend part of your day in the indoors area; the wooden designs reflects the luxury of Casttle Zaman while the colors used reflect the comfort you will enjoy. During the morning the indoor area is brightened by the sun beam which penetrates through the holes that exist in the ceiling to allow ideal ventilation and temperature.ย  While at night the light fixtures will allow you in enjoy your stay at the terrace which is surrounded by the mountains.


It is worth mentioning that the whole building of castle Zaman is eco friendly and it has been built using stones from nearby mountains, to guarantee that you will enjoy an unforgettable, fun, delicious experience while embracing mother nature!

Enjoy your stay ๐Ÿ™‚

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