Nada Marzouk is a 25 year old Egyptian girl who lives in Toronto, Canada. She studied Digital Media and graduated with her masters degree from Ryerson University, where her “Combining Fashion and Technology” idea was born.

Having worked in Vodafone’s marketing department for two years, with a Digital Media major, as well as a passion for fashion, Nada got the idea of a great startup. “Authentique” is an online fashion retailer and E-Commerce website, founded in 2018, at Ryerson University. Authentique basically means genuine, and this is exactly what Nada is trying to do through her project.

Nada understands the struggle of girls, especially the online shopping addicts like herself, and how it’s not always a fun or easy process to go through when one shops online and then has to return the items, because they simply don’t fit. Therefore, Nada got the idea of the virtual Avatar which her website revolves around. The virtual Avatar is basically like a “Barbie Doll”, where you can shop online, pick the pieces, choose the Avatar’s skin color, skin type and body measurements. You could even upload your picture to see how the product fits you and what size or color would be best on you.

“I want to bridge the gap between both of my worlds, Egypt and Canada. Most importantly, I want to give back to my community and help the incredibly talented local designers.” -Nada Marzouk-

“Authentique” was born as a “Giving back to the community” sort of concept. Being very appreciative of the Egyptian culture and extremely interested in fashion, Nada is always proud to flaunt the Egyptian made designs whenever she goes back to Canada. From pretty handmade fashion items, to unique silver rings; Nada’s Canadian mates always ask her about the products she often wears and she even ends up ordering them some.

That sparked idea for Nada to take this opportunity and turn it into a well rounded business that connects with local brands and revolves around empowering local Egyptian and Canadian designers through a 3D Virtual fitting room, under the motto of “Redefining Fashion and Technology”.

Apart from giving people the best shopping experience they could have, Nada’s project is not just about helping the buyers and online shoppers. Because she mainly cares so much about the unrecognized talents here in Egypt where her roots trace back, as well as in Canada where she was born and raised. Nada discovered a whole new passion and it is helping these people to “break the internet” and reach the places they deserve.

Moreover, because of her background in management and her stunning idea, she was able to push through with her project and website, which were products of her Uni Thesis on the Virtual fitting room’s impact on E-commerce; and is now going to the Vancouver Fashion Week, in Canada, from the 21st of September to the 23rd. She will be there for three days, with 5 local Egyptian designers, and one Canadian; displaying and showcasing products and explaining concepts in designer showroom booths. The six designers are Sadafa, Farah Wagdy, Ramla, Alicia Arts, Camicie, and Claurete.


We can’t be more proud of what Nada is doing with her “Authentique” project. There’s nothing better than promoting the Egyptian culture through its local talented artists and designers. We’re even more excited for the Vancouver Fashion week now, aren’t you?!


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