Our mothers once told us that it was possible to combine a loving family and a great career! But honestly, how true can that be given that we, wives, work daily at least from 9 am to 5 pm! We’re overwhelmed with endless responsibilities at work and at home and that comes at a very high cost. Nowadays, mothers hire nannies to do their sacred job. The nanny has replaced the mother, performing all the parenting duties on her behalf. Hold on mothers, you got it all wrong and your child will suffer for years, if not decades to come!! Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?


1. Should you make sacrifices at an early age? If not, then when?! 

A child’s bond with his/her mother is highly jeopardized on both the short and the long run when they’re raised by nannies from a very early age (0 to 3 years). A mother should be fully aware and willing to make basic sacrifices for her child, whatever it takes, at least at his early years. VERY IMPORTANT

2. Do you know that your child is likely to become emotionally disturbed? Yes-disturbed is the word! 

When your child is deprived of your care because of prolonged or frequent separation, he/she is likely to become emotionally disturbed and detached! We are talking about the development of a human being at the most vulnerable stage of his life! Build a connection now, and enjoy the results later!

3. Have you ever thought that your child is likely to become an introvert? Possible?!

Socialization inevitably starts within the family unit; when it’s compromised, the effects last a life time! If both parents are away 24/7, leaving all matters in the hands of a nanny, how do you expect the child to be a healthy member of the society and remain psychologically balanced?

4. Would you like your child to cherish his childhood memories with you or with the nanny? Still thinking?

A mother should be the primary caregiver of her child! Instead of being quite busy at work, create memories with your kids in the playground,  at the bus stop, or the pool. Work can never be a priority over your child! Life is tough, and competition is fierce but things are different now that you have become a mother! Spend time with your children, before it’s too late!

5. For a child, it’s not a matter of having a nanny; but rather a matter of self-worth. Yes, a child thinks, feels and communicates, even if he/she doesn’t show it!!

This is an indirect message to the child from his parents about his/her  value and self-worth. Naturally, your child needs to feel more prioritized and treasured than anything else, even your work!  If the child believes that he/she do not come first, there is an intuition that his father’s business and his mother’s work were prioritized over him!


Every child deserves his parents’ attention! Because even when they are young, they acknowledge everything more sensitively than any other time. As a matter of fact, that ‘security’ and that ‘knowledge’ is what makes children psychologically healthy, or not. Realistically, the best thing you can do is to bring up your child from birth to adulthood. At the end of the day, a nanny is not a mother. Even if your child turns to her first, this is something you as a mother shouldn’t be proud of. Add to this, the horrific physical and sexual child abuse stories we often hear about. Is it about time?