Ancient Egyptians
source: RT and NASA

People, especially foreigners, have weird ideas about Egyptians and our country, ancient and present. One of the weirdest by far, though, definitely has to be the conspiracy theory that Ancient Egyptians were actually aliens.

How else could they have built the pyramids then? It’s not like our ancestors were engineering geniuses or anything. Please note the sarcasm.

Though it’s not the first time this theory has surfaced, it’s gaining more traction now. You see, NASA may have given the theorists their long-awaited “proof”.

How Did One NASA Discovery Turn Into This?

According to recent reports, Scott C. Waring has done it again! We say again here, because this is far from being his first conspiracy. This time, the theorist went back to one of his favorite topics. Ancient Egypt.

Waring is positive that this time he has seen signs of a sarcophagus, lodged deep into the rocky Martian land, in a photo of Mars’s Cape St. Vincent, which NASA released in 2007

NASA photo of craters

While the photo itself might not look strange to the trained eye, Waring took the effort to focus it more on what he was seeing. So, he made a few edits by zooming in and highlighting the spot he mentioned. This was the end result.

Waring's edits

Among the unfinished statues he seems to have “discovered”, Waring also says that the sarcophagus he found in another photo is none other than the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen. Yes, the one that is still very much on Earth in Egypt.


"Tut" Sarcophagus

In a YouTube video, Waring maintains his long-standing theory that Egyptians are actually descended from a long line of Martians who left the Red Planet for Earth.

He also explains why Ancient Egyptians chose this land in particular to start their earthly empire.

According to Waring, Egypt is very similar to Mars in terms of appearance and weather. This is why the pyramids are where they are–our ancestors were simply “homesick“.

Waring’s theories, however, have no scientific backing whatsoever. All scientists have concluded that life on Mars is exactly the same as it is now. Nonexistent.

Interestingly, several people pointed out that Waring’s findings may be the result of pareidolia, which makes the brain able to see shapes and structures that don’t actually exist.

People who experience pareidolia may see these shapes on clouds or on rock formations, among other objects.