7 Naughty Things Even Nice Guys Crave in Bed


Want to know the deepest darkest secrets to arousing your man? How to get him going with wild passion and games? Find out what men really want in bed and learn 7 easy tricks to be the sex goddess every man desires. Oh and don’t be fooled: even if you’re dating a really nice guy, he still wants you to do dirty stuff in bed.


Wear Sexy Lingerie

Men are visual creatures. Which basically means that they get immediately turned on when they see something they like and that’s the reason most of them lose their minds when we put on sexy lingerie. It must be because they picture us as some sort of naughty Playboy girl. Whatever it is, they love to see us dress up in lace and satin.


Role Play

Dare to role play with your partner. Dress up like a nurse, a sexy bunny or a French maid, and wait for him to come home after work (yes, you have to get rid of your children first). Don’t be afraid to have sex in the middle of the living room, on the bathroom floor, or on the kitchen counter; the change of locations will increase the sexual excitement. Whatever role you choose to play, play it right! Get in the mood and become your character; talk dirty to him, and encourage him to do the same. He’ll be very turned on.


Use Products and Games

One way to spice things up in the bedroom is to incorporate edible products; they’re useful and very fun to use. You can pick up some strawberry syrup from the supermarket and while fooling around, apply some on strategic areas of your body and his as well, and then start licking it off each other’s bodies. Taste is a sense men love to use to be sexually turned on. You can also play a sex game (board or cards) where it asks you to do stuff to each other. It will heat things up between you two!


Touch Yourself

Following that idea that men are turned on by visual means, we must play with the concept. Start applying a fragrant lotion to yourself in front of him, very casually, as if you’re not intending to turn him on. Do it slowly, caressing your body with your hands. Your man will go crazy seeing you touching your body, and he will love that you (seem to!) have no idea what you are doing to him.


He Wants To Watch

Still keeping in mind the notion that men are visual creatures, men love to see you from all angles while the two of you are being intimate. So maybe you could lead him over to a mirror so you can both see yourselves in action. Another way to turn him on with sight is to keep some clothes on. Some men prefer it when there’s still a little left to the imagination.


Dirty Talk

Men tend to get intimidated when they can’t see any reaction from you when you’re being intimate. They sometimes feel they’re not doing so well or that you are not enjoying it, which puts them down. Prove him wrong with a few “ooohs” and moans and it will be more than enough to get him going. If you’re really into it, you might as well use some dirty sentences such as “Oh yeah, right there!” or “This feels so good!”


Strip For Him

Put on some sexy music, turn off the lights and light some candles, and start dancing for him while slowly taking your clothes off.  Then when you’re done taking your clothes off, show him you are in control by taking his clothes off as well. You can start by unbuckling his belt and throwing it away. When a woman takes charge and gets slightly aggressive, it’s instantly arousing.