nelly karim

Known for her high sense of fashion and a elegant figure to match her taste, L’azurde chose the beautiful Egyptian actress Nelly Karim as their new brand ambassador! Good choice, once again!

The Ramadan drama star has been our icon figure of the modern Egyptian woman for the past few years. She tops the TV series’ charts every year and rocks all the red-carpet events she attends! Just check out her appearances in both the Dubai Film Festival and El Gouna Film Festival if you don’t believe us!

L’azurde’s beautiful, unique and exceptional 2018 collection mirrors the graceful ballerina’s aura, giving her just the final elegant touch! The cherry on top!

Here are 5 reasons why the Egyptian actress is hyped to start endorsing this jewelry brand:

1.They’re home to the utmost luxury designs.

2.They own state of the art craftsmanship.

3.They have the perfect stone collection.

4.There’s something for every type of lady.


5. Their diamond pieces just stand out.