Nesma El Shazly is an inspiring career oriented, optimistic and ambitious woman who decided to literally take the world by storm, never taking anything into account except her passion for what she does.

Nesma has always been a strong lighthearted girl with passion for everything, but her passion for writing surpassed all. As any college girl walking the path of self-discovery, Nesma simply found it in writing at that time. She kept learning, evolving and getting more creative until she pushed through everything to become who she is today; a very successful songwriter as well as Hisham Kharma’s executive producer.

Being a wife, a successful woman, and most importantly a mother all at the same time is definitely not an easy job; however, that never lost Nesma her balance. The extraordinary woman knows exactly how to balance between her personal life and pursue her career goals all at once.

Her love for music led her to create a world of her own where she does what she loves in a unique way. Nesma is not just an extremely talented songwriter, the incredible woman also has a sense of social responsibility that is hard to find these days.

Along with music, she has made it her mission to speak out and write about important matters knowing that she has the opportunity and voice to help out. Examples include Ahl Misr Foundation’s song “Shouf B Albak”, and her recent “No2ta Beida New Version” collaboration with Cairokee for UNAIDS.

Some of Nesma’s most significant works are, “Shams Youm Gedid”, the official song for UN Women’s short film about girls’ education “Mariam Wel Shams”, as well as her recent outstanding joint effort with Hany Adel and Kharma, “Yomein”.

Staying true to herself, Nesma is one of those exceptional people who perfected combining their own personal passion and the greater good to make a living, and those kinds of artists, the ones who are not oblivious to what happens around them, are always the best.

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