In March, we have seen several corporations celebrate women on different occasions. First, we had the International Women’s Day followed by Mothers’ Day. We witnessed great working mothers speaking about their journeys and were swept away by youth sharing appreciation posts dedicated to their mothers on social media.

However, the question remains unchanged, in light of the busy lives of working women, who actually supported these women and ensured they are active players both in the workplace and their private lives?

In celebration of Mothers’ Day, Nestlé Egypt published a series of posts on their social media platforms shedding the light on the policies they adopted to empower their female employees in the workplace as well as ensure they are heavily involved with their families on a personal level.

Let us recap the policies that hundreds of women on social media were impressed by:

  • Female employees have been granted 6 months paid maternity leave, going beyond the existing law that allows new mothers only 3 months
  • New mothers have the luxury of returning to work on a part-time basis or extend their maternity leave on an unpaid basis upon negotiation with the management
  • A nursing room has been setup at Nestlé’s head office to encourage working mothers to rely on breast-feeding. This policy is driven by Nestlé’s strong belief in the importance of breast feeding and its positive impact on a child’s health
  • All employees are granted a 1-day work-from-home to ensure they spend enough time with their families
  • Nestlé granted its employees special discounts at child care centers so they can go to work ensuring their children are in safe hands

The above policies were brought to the attention of a huge base of women on social media. Consequently, these policies received the praise and support of the National Women’s Council; they shared an appreciation post for Nestlé and encouraged all corporations to follow Nestlé’s footsteps.

We are looking forward to see more companies encouraging women to be more involved with their families as well as be effective and powerful in the workplace.