Having a luxurious car has lots of perks: they look and feel fancy, they’re a safe ride and one way of showing off,well, not sure if that this is a perk! However, in Egypt, owning a fancy car can sometimes be troublesome.

Here are the main reasons why owning a lavish car in Egypt is not such a smart choice:

Everyone will charge you more even “El Fakahany”

Everyone will charge you a bit higher than the rest as soon as they set eyes on your posh car, from the sayes to the fakahany to the beggars on the streets! Let me not get into that!


Fuel 95 is expensive and maghshoosh

petrol station - news.stv.tv

Fancy cars in Egypt usually require fuel 95 which is double the price of the fuel 92. It’s not even that pure and you risk damaging your sophisticated car if you fill it up with the 95 type.


El nas bete7ked we tekharbeshha

vivian-scratch-car-2 stuffkidswrite.com

Here in Egypt, we have a notorious habit of damaging other people’s cars. You may often find your precious car scribbled on or engraved with heart and two initials. El nas betkoon ghelawaeya; you can sometimes notice a young boy holding a key in his hand and scratching all cars that come his way. If you have a cheaper car, it won’t matter as much to you and chances are it will even happen less frequently.


El 3ein

We Egyptians believe in 7asad; we’re always torn between showing off and avoid el 3ein though. Having a fancy car will increase the probability of “enek/enak takhod 3ein”


Hiring a driver won’t be an easy job

Hiring a driver in Egypt is hard because it’s very rare to find a loyal, trustworthy and a competent driver. Let alone if you have an expensive car; they usually treat the car like crap and might even let strangers ride it!


El insurance ghali awi

Well, a fancy car is definitely high maintenance. We all know that the more expensive the car is, the higher the insurance rate. It doesn’t cover everything anyway so if your car is scratched by some stupid walking pedestrian, they won’t cover that, NO!


Finding a parking spot is a nightmare

car par nightmare

You can’t park your car in a regular parking spot on any street around your house simply because it’s not safe. You either park it inside a garage next to your place or directly under your house or working place. You can’t leave the key to a sayes because you can’t trust him with your “baby”.


The streets are awful

bumpy roads

The streets are just awful; they’re broken, full of bumps and bala3at. People just won’t keep a personal space when it comes to driving so chances are you are going to bump your car every couple of days, and if you have an expensive car that will cost you a lot.


El Nas hayeksaro 3aleik aktar

People will drive worse around you because they are certain that you really care about your car and will try your best to protect it. If you have a cheaper car, you’ll be able to drive it fearlessly with a brave heart.


Higher risk of “tasbeet”


If you’re driving on the ring road at night or in a deserted area, there is a higher risk of enak tetsabet and you might even get kidnapped with the car.


And if you’re a girl, there’s a higher chance of enek tet3aksy

Definitely you will 🙂